What is jiMenu

jiMenu is an interactive digital menu app for smartphones that allows the restaurant owners to publish their menu items in an attractive digital form for the customers who can access it free from their favorite device. 

jiMenu Restaurant App

Let your customers visualize the menu of your restaurant in the most interactive manner with jiMenu application. 

Today’s Special | Special Dish of the day

jiMenu allows you to set and manage "Special Dish of the Day" with ease through the restaurant's POS System.

jiMenu Restaurant App – Saves Time

jiMenu enables restaurant owners to reduce the waiting time of the guests waiting for their meals making them feel special.

jiMenu Features

Use the benefits of jiMenu and enhance your business

Interactive Digital Menu

The restaurant owners can fully customize the menu, categorizing various menu groups and items so that customers do not have to scroll through list of items making it easier for the customers to navigate and know exactly what they are looking for.

Quick Search and Filter

Customers can quickly search for their favorite dish among different sub-menu items enabling them to save time. It also allows customers to filter the unwanted food items or ingredients giving a clear picture to the chef about the order.

Offline Mode

jiMenu allows customers to browse through the menu without being connected to the Internet enabling restaurant owners to avoid the downtime even if there is any type of Internet issue.


jiMenu allows its users to contribute to the environment by discarding paper menus and using digital menus as it is compatible with a variety of patterns and themes to suit one's business.