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POS for Shopping Malls

Shopping Malls are the most trending public places where you would find the maximum crowd. The hi-tech ambiance, big brands, and attractive displays are what pull people to these places. But the food court is the most loved place and always found to be fully backed by people. The competition among the food brands is the maximum at malls, and what fascinates the customers is an attractively created digital menu being displayed on the digital board. jiMenu offers you a complete management POS for shopping malls that will not only attract the customers in the food court but also ease your task management. Its impressive features would help you manage your food store in a better and efficient way. To digitalize the whole management process at your food store and give your customers a reason to visit you back again & again.  

What can our POS for Shopping Malls do?

  • Digitalize your menu:  The POS system enables you to digitalize your menu. The digital menu can either be displayed on the digital board or can be opened by the customers on their smartphones.

  • Advertise in a better way:  This software enables you to advertise your newly launched products digitally using attractive graphics and displays. Also, you can advertise daily offers and combos.

  • Faster services: It enables your customers to place their orders online. The staff would receive the order in no time, which would speed up your services. Hence, improving the customer's experience with you.

  • Effective Feedbacks:  The software allows customers to give their feedback and appreciation. This way, you would know how customers feel about you.

  • Customer Support:  This system facilitates 24/7 customer support to the customers and enables you to keep your customers happy and content. It efficiently tackles all the queries and complaints of the customers.

Get the most Effective POS System for your Store

With the advancing lifestyles of people, businesses need to modify their services following the requirements of the customers. If you too own a food store at a shopping mall and are still using traditional old-fashioned ways to run your business and manage your tasks, then you need to spice up your services with the help of digital POS software that would make your staff and customers happier. Add the touch of modernization to your services and lead the market. Our team of professionals would help you attain the digital transformation and step into the world of technical revolution.