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Food Vans POS System

If you own a food van, you must be aware that the growth of your business is dependent on the food delivery speed. The faster you wind up at one place, the sooner you can reach the other to take orders from another set of customers. An efficient and quick responsive food vans POS system from jiMenu is what you need to speed your delivery and raise your sales. Mobile food van owners like every other business owner are turning to digital solutions to keep up the pace with the advancement in the food industry. The POS system for the food trucks enables you to effortlessly manage your every operation in less time. Get this exclusive management software for your food truck to amaze the customers with your fast and efficient services. There is nothing that makes customers happier than fast services. All you need to do is to make your food truck a smart delivery truck and see your customers increasing day by day.

Our Exclusive Vans POS System assists you in the following ways

  • Mobile Ordering: Our smart POS system for food trucks facilitates mobile ordering to make the process of ordering easy and convenient for your customers. You can notify your customers while you are on your way to the next stop, and customers can place orders beforehand.

  • Smart Tipping System:  This software has a smart tipping system that enables customers to add tips online along with their order payments. It allows you to earn a little extra money by making your customers happy.

  • Digital Feedbacks: There is an option for customers to submit their honest feedbacks digitally that helps you to know what dishes are liked by the customers and where do you need to improve.

  • Item Modifiers:  The POS system enables you to connect with your staff and the customers efficiently. You can contact the cooking staff to know the status of orders.

  • Better Connectivity:  This system enables you to manage your staff efficiently. You can assign duties to your staff with this software and manage to keep a track of who is serving which department at what time.

Have the most Robust Management System for your Food Van

Having your menu on a well-protected digital menu board gives you the flexibility to change the information on the fly. You can also quickly adapt the menu for different locations — for instance, at a private party where only certain menu items will be offered. In addition to showing the menu, a digital, monitor, or TV-based display can be an interactive tool for keeping your diners occupied while they wait for the food. The lines to get to the food window can get long at busy events, and your truck's digital menu displays could show an exciting video or highlight a promotion meanwhile. We have a team of professionals that would provide you excellent solutions and help you make your business, the talk of the town.