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Restaurant Management System

 A revolution has taken place in recent years, and this revolution has touched every field. Yes, it is the digital revolution that we are talking about. No business sector is left untouched by the digital wave, be it the food industry or IT. Restaurants nowadays are embracing a restaurant management system to give their customers an exotic experience of a digital menu. Wondering how to be one of those restaurants, jiMenu will make it possible for you. jiMenu is an initiative to ease the task of restaurant management for the owners and increase the business rate. We will help you have your management software which will contain every feature of your requirement. We have a team of experts to develop a system that manages your restaurant and fulfills all the requirements to run a successful business. This restaurant management software will not only prove to be a blessing for you but also your customers. Customers can have a look at the digital menu with pictures of dishes in it, place orders from their tables digitally, estimate their bills, make easy payments through various payment methods and experience a sense of luxury and advancement.

A Restaurant Management Software with Amazing Features

  • Manage your menu: Our software will give access to you to easily and quickly design, edit or enhance the menu.

  • Manage your restaurant from any device:  There is no limit to the number of devices on which this software can run. Our management software is designed to run on ios as well as android devices.

  • Promotions made easy:  This system to manage your restaurant allows you to create your attractive combos of foods and drinks, invent your happy hour special and promote them using attractive food images.

  • Know your popular dishes:  Since our management software keeps a track of customer's orders and generates statistics of the most ordered dishes timely.

  • Know your sales in-depth:  This management system will enable you to keep track of your sales weekly or monthly.

  • Easy control of multiple branches:  If your restaurant has multiple branches, you can easily control all those branches from a single software.

Get the Best Restaurant Management System to Enhance your Business

This system will have a positive impact on your business both in terms of monetary and branding benefits. Our software will cut off extra expenses since the orders will place digitally. You can manage your staff according to the peak hours indicated through statistics drawn by our management software. A lot of time will save through effective digital communication among the staff members as well as between the staff and the customers. You can easily manage table bookings and orders without any hustle. Every restaurant owner wishes nothing more than their customer to leave happy, satisfied, and with a smile on their lips. This Management System will help you become everyone's favorite food place and secure a trending place in the market. Let our experts make this possible for you with their utmost skills and creativity. Reach us today!