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How Digital Menus are changing Restaurant Industry?

Restaurant menus are the most crucial element or tool of any food industry. Menus are the internal guide and act as a communication tool that reflects a restaurant's quality, standards, and values. Over the past few years, the food industry transforming at a high speed, and restaurants globally have seen immense competition in the market. Food business owners are opting for innovative technologies and automated systems to meet customer demands and expectations. One such innovation that all restaurants can not ignore is digital menus.  The Rise of Digital Menus

How Does A Digital Menu App Adds A Value To Your Restaurant Business?

The pandemic has impacted restaurant businesses like never before. And as things have gotten back to normal, people, and restaurants understand how to survive in such a situation, and the customers understand how to dine in. As of now, there are a lot of trends that have evolved with time in all industries. These trends have changed the way we do business, and are opting for the safest ways of doing business. With that, the market has become extremely competitive, and all the businesses, including food businesses, have re-evaluated their strategies to survive in such a c...

Restaurant Management Tips To Navigate The Disruption During The Pandemic

The effect of a pandemic on the different industries is huge, and it has lead to the loss of money and resources. The hospitality industry faces the biggest challenge during the reopening for the customers. With the lock-down and closure of the restaurant, they suffer losses and struggle to reopen. Restaurants struggle to gain customer attention and work hard towards making their business sustainable. A growing number of restaurants are adopting the latest tools and technologies, such as the Restaurant POS system. They continuously help the restaurants to reap the maximum benefits...

How to Increase the Productivity of the Restaurant with Scheduling Tips?

In recent years, the hospitality industry has seen major growth. Not only there is a transformation in the delivery platform, but the customer consumption habits have been changed. Restaurant scheduling helps your restaurant to run efficiently. It is one of the most crucial needs as it helps to retain customers and keep them satisfied. Keeping the employee’s morale and productivity high is essential for the restaurants. Therefore, it becomes vital to focus on scheduling strategies so that

Golden Rules You Must Follow For A Restaurant Cost Control

Opening a restaurant is a huge challenge and many aspects need to be considered. Balancing between expenditure, revenue control is crucial and plays a significant role in managing overall costs. Ever since the pandemic has hit the restaurant industry, it has seen a major transformation. Whether, it is a restriction on food delivery, the rise in hygiene practices, restaurant closure, or more, this period has led to a huge loss for the restaurant owners. Now at this moment controlling restaurant costs becomes one of the major challenges. It not only includes managing the c...

Efficient Ways That Reduce The Labor Cost Of Your Restaurant

Whether you plan to open a restaurant or already have one, running a restaurant business is not an easy task to do. Along with the food, beverages, and infrastructure, labor is another most crucial factor for restaurants. The pandemic has posed huge challenges for the restaurant industry and also the employees working with the restaurants. The percentage of labor cost to sale average is 22-40% and can go till 75%. Therefore, it becomes important for restaurants and cafés to control their labor cost and maintain their profit margins. So what all you need to do? How...

What Are The Strategies That Help You Prevent Employee Theft In Restaurant?

Handling a restaurant is not an easy task to do. The owners need to efficiently deal with the staff, satisfy their customers for the operations to be streamlined. One of the major issues the restaurant owners face is employee theft. No matter whether you have a small café or a big restaurant, the thefts are prevalent. You would never know, even if your employees cheat on you. As per research, around 75%...

Top Secrets Of Becoming A Successful Restaurant Owner

The success of a restaurant solely depends on the owner, employees, and manager. But running a restaurant is not as easy as it seems. Owners have to contribute most of the time in solving the daily issues, managing good taste, staff, accounts, inventory, and more. If you can manage these day-to-day tasks, you definitely will have high benefits. The use of digital technology in daily operations has redefined the way restaurants used to operate. So if you are stepping into the restaurant management business, you must be aware of the tools and technologies you need to implement....

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