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About Us

Now the revolution is in the palm of your customers' hands. Give their eyes a chance to taste the goodness. Let them swipe through the indulgences. They would 'more than swipe' with the jiMenu touchscreen digital menu system that is our guarantee, and your kitchen will stay busier than at any other time. It is the solitary amazing digital menu software that helps you teleport your menu from paper to screen.

Run the intuitive menu on your tablet and enable your visitors to have an extremely particular digital menu experience. jiMenu will enable you to display digitized menus, and the pictures will give your customers a visual introduction with a logical menu containing full descriptions. New search and filter options are available to limit the search as per requirements. The application allows visitors to visualize the menu, decrease staff expenses, boost customer awareness, faithfulness, and maintenance.

This Android and the iOS digital menu is the future wave and will revolutionize the restaurant business forever. You will also be capable of checking your preferred dishes and save them in your private account. jiMenu is open to integrate with your present POS framework. So it's not just the ordering that would change. It can affect every procedure from ordering to serve at your inn.

For an enhanced and upgraded experience for the customers approaching your restaurant, we have another add-on- jiMenu POS. It simply carries out the whole ordering process along with a visualized form of menu items. Checking the vacant tables for the customers, making orders, taking the orders, and making easy payments via multiple payments methods are made easy over jiMenu POS. Moreover, you can get a clear-cut view of sales made by your restaurant weekly or monthly.

Since jiMenu and jiMenu POS are the only value that your restaurant was missing, and now that you are here; we are certain you will have it in the following couple of minutes. Be ready to download the magic to impress your customers. Embrace digital menu - the computerized face of the food menu.

About jiWebTech

jiMenu is one of the most popular products developed by jiWebTech, and is successfully delivering the best online software solutions to organizations and other renowned enterprises since 2017. jiWebTech is well-positioned to be a partner and co-innovator to businesses in their transformation journey identifying new growth opportunities and facilitating their foray into new sectors and markets. jiwebTech offers integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions that help businesses operate more effectively and see the big picture so they can make strategic decisions that keep them efficient and profitable.

The organization holds expertise in ERP & CRM solutions, restaurant management, talent management, and cloud hosting solutions. The main focus of the community revolves around reaching the customer satisfaction level with a set of quality services. The team of professionals holds years of experience and expertise in the latest technology tools and trends. Regardless of the size of an organization, jiWebTech offers the best suitable solutions according to the customer’s defined budget.

jiMenu Features

jiMenu allows the visitors to visualize the menu, decrease staff expenses and boost customer awareness, faithfulness, and maintenance.

Interactive Digital Menu

The restaurant owners can fully customize the menu, categorizing various menu groups and items so that customers do not have to scroll through a list of items, making it easier for the customers to navigate and know exactly what they are looking for.

Quick Search and Filter

Customers can quickly search for their favorite dish among different sub-menu items enabling them to save time. It also allows customers to filter the unwanted food items or ingredients giving a clear picture to the chef about the order.

Offline Mode

jiMenu allows customers to browse through the menu without being connected to the Internet enables restaurant owners to avoid downtime even if there is an Internet issue.


jiMenu allows its users to contribute to the environment by discarding paper menus and using digital menus as it is compatible with a variety of patterns and themes to suit one's business.