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Learn Why Hot Billions Switched to jiMenu

Hot Billions offers a wide range of cuisines from all around the world as well as delicious dishes at its exotic restaurant. Its philosophy of QSCV (Quality, Service, Cleanliness, and Value) is the guiding force behind its service to the customers in Tricity. The owner "Mr. Kuldeep Dua" started using jiMenu a few months ago and quickly noticed the benefits. He, along with his management team shared the advantages and their experience with digital tablet menu provided by jiWeb Technologies.

Deploying a Digital Menu: A Win-Win Idea!

The food industry has revolutionized so rapidly that the moment you order your food, the next minute delivery boy is at your doorstep. Get your favorite food served hot right at your home. And the reach of technology just doesn’t end here, when we go for offline food, it has impacted equally by offering a wide range of advanced tools and techniques to make restaurant management easy, fast, interesting, and reliable. Agree? Influence of digital men...

Stand Unique With a Seasonal Menu For Your Restaurant

With the extending innovation and industry patterns, restaurateurs have effectively redesigned their restaurant management process. Introducing online food ordering apps, fast delivery services, and digital menus have brought a moan of help to the entire food industry. Inside and out, the advanced menu has influenced the portrayal of the menu things to look more alluring and clear to the clients. Afterall, keeping up a refreshed and appealing menu is an unquestionable require...

Efficiently Managing Digital Menu Content Across Multiple Locations

For the operators of Quick Service and Fast Casual restaurants, the strategic test of managing content over numerous locations can appear to be daunting and frustrating. The test is intensified for operators who travel frequently and need to update menu content outside their offices. Digital Menu Technology takes care of this issue by offering ways for operators to conveniently and efficiently manage their restaurants at any time from anyplace in the world at their fingertips. When utilizing Digital Menu Technology, consider these

How Digital Menu Overcomes the Multi-Language Issues In Tourism

Ever felt the difficulty in communicating while you visit a new place where they use a different language? We would have certainly faced this problem at least once in our lifetime. Isn’t it? And in case you are hungry, it would be irritating if you face communication barriers. But all thanks to the technology which brought a revolution in the food industry and made the things easier. Digital Menu’s Interference in the food industry Digital menu has been the buzzword which gained huge attention in the recent time. Beginning right from viewing the menu items off...

Compelling Reasons Which Will Force You to Switch to a Digital Menu

Are you investing huge capital on attractive posters for your restaurant and still not getting the expected outputs? Or still wrestling to attain a strong customer base at your restaurant? The notable reason behind the fall could be the one you were ignoring till date. Do you remember when was the last time you updated your menu? Exactly. This is the point where you lacked to bring the sales and customers. Nothing to bother anymore. We are here to acknowledge you the highlights of an alternative solution which will drive the customers towards your restaurant rapidly. Why Di...

Using Digital Menu to Optimize Sales of Your Restaurant

With the forward technology, digital menus have reached a level beyond our expectations. From providing an effective customized presentation of the menu items, to an attractive design and offering an interesting atmosphere, it has now reached to increase the sales in a restaurant. But the point to be focused is better planning while you structure your menu. Designing a menu that can optimize sales for your restaurant is not a difficult task. Just keep the below points in mind and experience your sales skyrocket in a small period of time: Promotions Majority of the people a...

Top Strategies For a Perfect Digital Menu

Out of the most trending sectors, digital menu boards gained a huge attention and went mainstream just a short time ago. From minimizing costs to a sky-rocketing customer base, it made a surprising identity and offered its customers with huge profits and a handful of sales. If you plan and design your digital menu perfectly and with a good strategic planning, its a certain sign of success blooming ahead. But if you are new in the market and unaware of the strategies to be adopted,...

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