jiMenu announced the launch of POS that provides our clients with the next level technology to aid restaurant operations management. The application is packed with multifarious features that enhance the restaurant businesses as well as helps in providing utmost customer satisfaction. Using which the users would just need a computer with a stable internet connection to maintain restaurant operations. The online POS comes with features like billing, reporting, analytics, order/menu/table management, multiple payment methods, and employee management.

The application helps in monitoring and controlling the overall restaurant's operations as well as offers best customer services which result in the increase of daily sales, reduction in hiring staff along with human errors and vigorous the processing of the payment. POS comes with several restaurant menu solutions which are as under:

Digital Ordering Menu:

POS is packed with digital restaurant menu where customers can directly place their order in the kitchen. It is an easy to use application that can satisfy customers’ hunger by having delicious food of their choice. Customers do not need to wait for the waiter, instead, they can place the order directly in the kitchen. Apart from this, it also helps waiter to take the orders, manage multiple orders as well as can cancel the order as per the request of the customer.

Through this application, the waiter can manage multiple tables as well as can accommodate the maximum number of customers.

Table Management:

As soon as the customers reach your restaurant, they can themselves check the availability of vacant tables and according to their comfort and wish, they can choose the appropriate ones. This would help in easy management for your staff to examine the availability and add more furniture when required.

Progress Report Analysis:

Monitoring the sales and progress your restaurant made in the meanwhile will be easily manageable via Reports feature. You can analyze the top sales item-wise and category-wise either on a weekly basis or monthly basis to get an idea where all you need to improve the quality.

Order Making:

On the customer end, making an order will be made easy with multiple available options. Customer will choose whether his order is a takeaway order, dine in, or a phone order, add his food items along with quantity and further make the payment from any mode including cash, via card, or a cheque.

jiMenu POS system is an ultimate feature for your restaurant to update the existing operations in an attractive digital manner. It will assure you an accurate monitoring and controlling the daily restaurant tasks, eliminating the human errors, thereby, optimizing your restaurant sales and enhancing the customer experience.