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Considerable Aspects While Getting your Food Ordering App Ready

How many of you still plan a dinner out with your family and friends? Most of you would say a NO, just because with the evolving technology we have made ourselves so confined that we hardly get time to go out. The concept of travelling hours to a restaurant for having meals has been outdated now with the introduction of endless restaurant management solutions available in the food industry right now. 8 out of 10 restaurants offer you online services these days, thereby saving your time, fuel, and money.

How can Restaurateurs Acquire Huge Customer Base with Optimized Sales?

In the recent time, the food industry has totally revolutionized. Agree? So, what all things come to your mind regarding the advancements brought into the industry? Maybe advanced technology tools, enhanced cooking techniques, fast services, and the introduction of the online platform for ordering food. Lives have become easier and comfortable with these solutions. Additionally, digital menus came along with the advancements which made your menu look more attractive and catchy for the customers. Deploying a digital menu would b...

Technology Replacing the Food Ordering and Payment System

In the F&B business, Tableside food ordering and payment is the trending feature of POS system. Modern diners always chase and find advanced facility restaurants for dining. Starting a tableside ordering and payment solution offers huge advantages for everybody because of the efficient nature of the product. By enabling steward to place orders that are immediately beamed to the kitchen or bars and then to be able to print out and pay the bill tableside, restaurateurs will increase table turns. Quicker table turning translat...

Excellent Ways to Manage Inventory of Your Restaurant

Managing the restaurant inventory is an integral part of running a successful restaurant business. Inventory loss although negligible at a given point in time can scale up to a huge amount in the longer run. Hence, it is important that you have a tight control on your restaurant inventory. At first, this was done manually, however, with time restaurateurs understood, that managing inventory manually, particularly for an expansive scale restaurant business is almost impossible and opens a wide scope of manual mistakes discrepancies.

Choosing a Restaurant Management System that Works Best for Your Business

As foodservice customers turn out to be increasingly acquainted with using technology that speeds up and improves the ordering and paying processes, a growing number of quick-service chains are implementing technologies to grow convenience and better serve customers. Thus, a lot of fast casual and quick service restaurant chains are planning to replace their cumbersome old systems that are often made of various applications bolted together with a new technology that can enable them to boost operational efficiencies and fulfill customers' appetites for a fast,...

Is your Restaurant POS Making Secure Transactions? Make it now.

While we talk about the POS credit card processing, what's the first thing that strikes your mind being the restaurant owner? Most probably we all wish that the vendor we choose offers secure transactions. Isn't it? Exactly this is the point where emerges a need to go for a vendor which assures to safeguard the customer data and thereby assist you in maintaining a trust for your brand name. Making POS transactions more secure! Due to the various data...

Menu Labeling: A New Trend in Food Business

People nowadays focus more on what they are eating, rather than where they are eating. Right? As with the evolution of technology trends, people have become more health conscious and aware of what they consume. May 7, 2018, from this date, consumers got access to menu labeling, i.e. calorie and nutrition information in certain chain establishments covered by the rule under FDA. As...

Reducing the Food Costs in Your Restaurant Efficiently

The restaurant business is a cutthroat business where benefits are made on well-sharpened lines only. With the manner in which the typical cost of living has been rising, food is getting expensive and as a restaurateur, for you, this implies greater food costs and lesser profits. There are a number of hidden restaurant costs in the food industry which is intensely dependent on the import of raw materials. A significant piece of these hidden expenses is related to this dependence. And, if you think about transferring a...

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