In the F&B business, Tableside food ordering and payment is the trending feature of POS system. Modern diners always chase and find advanced facility restaurants for dining. Starting a tableside ordering and payment solution offers huge advantages for everybody because of the efficient nature of the product. By enabling steward to place orders that are immediately beamed to the kitchen or bars and then to be able to print out and pay the bill tableside, restaurateurs will increase table turns.

Quicker table turning translate into higher tips for restaurant employees, faster greet time, more attentive service and shorter wait times at the host stand during peak hours. The smoother flow of tickets to the kitchen results in quicker food and beverage service. Handling large parties turns out to be considerably easier as tables in the system can be organized by seat number and checks can be split up more easily.

Not only will guests appreciate the accuracy and speed of service but they will also appreciate the additional payment security measure in place. Whenever a guest pays with a credit card, it is swiped through the tableside device never leaving its owner's sight. Theft occurrences will avoid while uploading the PCI compliances and also shows your client you are setting down deep roots, and versatile to give better hospitality.

Incorporating tableside ordering and payment system into your restaurant can actually make your employees and business more efficient while simultaneously boosting customer satisfaction levels. It is secure, simple to utilize and innovative. The best part is that you could very well find that your happy clients will probably return. Principle advantages of tableside food ordering and payment system over the ordinary POS system are:

  • Hike in Revenues: Increased efficiency of service leads to in revenues, empowering the restaurant to serve more guests. Not only will clients appreciate being responsible for their ordering and paying experiences at your restaurant, which will build repeat visits and additionally recommend to others. Restaurants with table ordering technology can also anticipate that clients will spend around 5% more by ordering more items and saying yes to upsells, another approach to increase income.
  • Speedy Service: When a customer is ready to pay, POS generates the check directly from the order and card payments are handled right at the table and the receipt can be emailed or printed. Else, we can choose e-wallets like PayPal, mobile wallet, crossover wallet applications, cryptocurrency credit cards, digital currency wallet etc. to make payment more secure and faster. It enables less steward to deal with more clients and checks can be settled quicker.
  • Table Order Tracking: The orders of every single table can be tracked and managed by the admin in an efficient manner eliminating the hassle and errors.
  • Reduced Mistakes: Rather than handwritten notes, stewards enter orders directly on iOS or Android smartphone or tablet, and the orders are remotely transmitted to the kitchen. No orders are lost, and the risk for mistakes is essentially decreased.
  • Statistical Analysis: Web-based analytics gives a real-time understanding of the business performance and can be accessed from a mobile device. Track sales, inventory, and taxes for one or several locations.
  • Easy to Handle Customers: New client profiles can be included and existing profiles can be edited directly on the mobile device. Email addresses can be collected for marketing purposes.

In light of all these coming changes, it is essential for restaurants to ensure they're doing everything they can to address evolving needs and streamline their organizations to expand the quality of their bottom lines. Be sure to check back with jiMenu POS often for the latest updates on how the payment processing industry continues to evolve.