A restaurant menu is the most important ingredient that connects the customers to the different cuisines in a restaurant. Boosting up sales for your restaurant business can be done in many ways. The menu design boosts up your ROI and simplifies the process of ordering food. If a menu is designed appropriately, your customers would be influenced, and they will order more.

As per research, 70% of the customers won’t return to a restaurant if they don’t have a good experience and to beat the curve your restaurants must make an impact. And it all starts with offering a customized digital menu!

Change in the Restaurant Menu After Pandemic

Very first you need to check the compatibility issues. Your menu should be compatible with tablets, phones, or any other device that is used by the customer. Also, ensure your digital menu works well with Food ordering applications so that the customers can quickly view your menu on the app and order food online as well.

The dining experience in the restaurants needs to safer, offer comfort to users and should have value in the era of the pandemic. Your menu should be as appealing as possible and the layout should be perfect, so that you can attract your targeted audience. A few of the changes that the restaurant menu design would experience are:

1. The menu must be streamlined.
2. Cater to comfort both cravings and health concerns.
3. Focus on Takeout
4. Encourage More plant and seafood proteins.

Most Effective Tips to create a stellar Restaurant Menu Design

Here are the few simple Restaurant Menu designs tips, that the restaurant owner needs to keep in mind and attract a wide range of audiences:

1. Match Your brand.

Don’t forget to make your menu design match your company's aesthetic. Your menu should meet with the color scheme of the restaurant and the type of visuals you use.

2. Use the best Visuals.

You need to choose the best view of the food with HD quality images so that the users can take the best shots of the dishes from your menu.

3. Tell Users a Story.

The audience is always attracted to storytelling. So, don’t forget to mention the stories your customers tell about you. Write about the dish, how it is prepared, how it is the best option for the health freaks, what nutrition value it offers, and more. It will draw the attention of customers. Also, let your customers know how you can offer them different dishes by customizing their menus.

4. Menu Pricing

The price on the menu needs to be carefully added. Some items are not costly, and does not help you to generate much revenue. Those items can be kept in a small corner. The owner should keep in mind the cost and while still being pocket-friendly.

5. Focus on value

It is not necessary to make your menu items look expensive with different names, so that it becomes difficult for the customers to understand. What matters the most is value, so offer your customer's food with great value at a great price

6. Pairing Tricks

Even, if you are offering combos to the customers, ensure you match the best dishes together. This would attract your customers with delicious dishes and combos that they would never like to miss.

7. Categorization of Menu Items

Categorization of the menu based on popularity and profit is a must and that can be done with a sale analysis. Also, different categories help you to break down the menu into Quick Bites, Soups/Salads, Appetizers, Main Course, Desserts, and Beverages.

Boost up your Sales with jiMenu

Your menu decides the retention of customers, especially in the pandemic era. The menu design is enough to impress the customers. QR codes from jiMenu make it easier for the customers to quickly get the menu and order their food.

Contactless experience for the customers is the need of the hour, and we ensure our customers can access it from their favorite device!