Contactless ordering systems have transformed the way that many customers place orders at restaurants. In recent years, the food industry is shifting towards more convenient ways of ordering food. 

Customers today demand quicker service and seamless transactions. Moreover, they rely on mobile devices and prefer convenience over everything else. Customers do not like to wait in queues or waste time ordering. Therefore, contactless ordering systems allow them to place an order within seconds by scanning a QR code. Hence, contactless ordering systems have become a popular solution for meeting these demands. 

From quick-service restaurants to casual dining establishments, contactless systems are becoming increasingly important for providing efficient and reliable services to customers.

The Rise of Contactless Ordering Systems in Restaurant

Technology has come a long way, and one of the significant evolutions is the rise of contactless ordering systems in restaurants. These systems simplified the process of buying food, making it easier and faster for customers.

According to a report, 79% of customers are comfortable with online ordering, and 78% are happy with the benefits of QR codes. The stats make it clear that restaurants shall opt for contactless ordering systems.

In the mid-1990s, numerous restaurants opted for telephonic ordering methods. And after the pandemic hit the world, the whole restaurant industry thrived to deliver clean and healthy food to customers. Contactless ordering systems played a massive role in restaurants in the food industry and offered a safe and efficient ordering experience. 

Additionally, QR or barcode-based contactless ordering systems make it easy for customers to buy or order food. Scanning a specific code initiates a preconfigured order. These systems remove the need for human intervention, enabling fast and safe checkout procedures.

Importance of Contactless Ordering Systems in Restaurant

The food industry has seen massive changes in the last decade. Digital platforms are offering flexible delivery options and doorstep delivery experiences. With that, contactless ordering systems have gained popularity in the restaurant industry. These systems aim at revolutionizing interactions between customers and the establishment itself.

Now, let us learn about the numerous advantages of using contactless ordering in your restaurant.


Better Tracking Capabilities: No one likes to stand in queues, especially during lunchtime rush hour or dinner periods. Adopting contactless ordering solutions made it possible for customers to place their orders without any hassle. They can place orders and pick up pre-paid orders, grab a seat, and enjoy their meals in no time. These smooth operation reduces wait times and encourages visits and positive reviews. Clients appreciate hassle-free ordering experiences and can share their experiences with friends and family.

Reduced Wait Times at Peak Hours: Waiting time during peak hours can cause delays and negatively impact customer experience. With contactless ordering systems, there is no wait time and customers can simply input personalized details and place the order. Restaurants do not need to wait for a server to take down your order. Since everything is handled electronically and you do not have to worry about missing out on orders. This efficiency ensures smooth operations when needed.

Optimizing Staffing Costs: Implementing contactless ordering processes lowers the need for more staff and reduces reliance on human assistance throughout the ordering journey. Contactless ordering empowers clients to input their requirements and direct them toward digital signage displays, featuring menu options and customizable preferences. Optimized staff usage results in reduced staff charges. Although there may be some initial investment in hardware installations and other requirements

Enhancing Customer Experience: The primary advantage of contactless ordering is improved customer satisfaction. Customers appreciate convenience when selecting and receiving their ordered meals with less interaction with staff members. They scan codes using mobile apps linked to your POS system to submit their requests. These systems include special dietary requirements and preferences and save valuable time compared to traditional ordering procedures.

The ease of use also encourages impulse buys because diners can quickly view and add additional snacks or drinks without requesting assistance. Plus, once the transaction is processed, the receipt is delivered digitally, saving printing expenses and paper clutter.

Streamlining Staff Responsibilities: While contactless ordering initially appears complicated, incorporating its mechanisms simplifies various aspects of running a restaurant. For instance, your service employees won't feel taken down by constant trips to tables taking orders or checking if anything needs refreshing – instead, focus on providing exceptional guest care.

Likewise, kitchen crew members get direct alerts about incoming orders, so they spend more time preparing fresh batches rather than trying to stay organized throughout hectic periods. Since everything runs smoother, team morale boosts, which results in higher quality performance and job retention rates.

Streamlined and Faster Service: Contactless ordering systems offer unparalleled convenience to customers by simplifying the ordering process, reducing waiting times, and decreasing frustration levels.

Traditionally, order-taking methods involved manual input and verbal communication. These methods were highly error-prone. A well-designed mobile application utilizing contactless barcodes allows servers to place orders with fewer errors and faster service time.

These apps help customers receive their meals quickly and correctly, which increases satisfaction rates and positive feedback. It also frees up your staff to focus on other areas like serving or preparing additional orders.

Moreover, one significant challenge most restaurants face is long waiting times during peak hours, weekends, or holidays. Customers do not like to wait for a longer time.

Contactless ordering systems help resolve this issue by allowing guests to place their orders immediately after settling down. They can browse through menus displayed on their tableside iPads or mobile devices without interruptions from waiting staff. Once they select their preferred meals, they submit their orders via touchscreens or mobile applications. 

Operational Efficiency and Cost Savings: By investing in contactless ordering systems, restaurants benefit from improved efficiencies within operations management. Servers do not have to memorize hundreds of items, leading to increased accuracy when delivering orders. Moreover, it leads to less product waste due to overstocking or mismanagement.

Furthermore, staff can dedicate their attention to higher-value tasks such as upselling, hospitality efforts, and building customer relationships.


What is a QR code ordering system?

Food restaurants must integrate a point-of-sale system to benefit from contactless ordering. An integrated POS system links up financial and customer services processes. These systems accept payments and update inventory and transaction records on every order. 

A Quick Response Code (QR) code ordering system is a contactless ordering system used in restaurants where customers place orders using a scannable barcode. The customer uses their smartphone camera to scan the QR code on the menu item they wish to order. QR code is linked directly to the online menu details, payment, and loyalty information associated with that particular order. 

It eliminates the need for customers to communicate their orders verbally or enter payment information manually. The QR code ordering system streamlines the entire ordering process, making it faster and easier for the restaurant and its customers.

Additionally, this method tracks sales and reduces human error in ordering and billing. This results in overall operational efficiency and cost savings for the restaurant. 

What are the benefits of contactless QR code ordering?

In today's digital age, innovative solutions continue to revolutionize industries. Contactless QR code ordering has become increasingly popular among restaurants looking to enhance customer experience and optimize their daily operations.


  1. Faster Delivery: The QR code ordering speeds up service delivery times. Since customers don't need to speak with staff to place their orders, they can quickly submit their requests through the app or web portal. It ensures that their orders are placed much sooner than traditional methods.
    Customers receive their food and drinks faster and leave happier without any errors. Using a QR code helps restaurant staff save time that they waste on writing order notes.
  2. Reduces Costs: Contactless QR code ordering involves little or no interaction between customers and staff. It drastically minimizes the risk of mistakes that arise from language differences, mispronunciations, and misunderstandings.
    These systems lower the stress on staff and won't waste their time clarifying order details with every customer. It allows them to focus on fulfilling more orders in less time. As a result, restaurants enjoy lower wages due to optimized operations, enabling owners to reinvest those funds elsewhere.
  3. Personalized Marketing Campaigns: QR codes also facilitate personalized marketing campaigns. It allows customized marketing according to individual diner preferences, purchase histories, and geographical locations.
    For instance, restaurants can send birthday discounts to parents and offer complimentary desserts or balloons during children's parties. Similarly, establishments near universities may offer exclusive menus tailored specifically for students.
  4. Streamlined Payment Processes: QR code ordering simplifies transaction processes. It permits split payments, individual tabs for large groups, and secure integration with multiple digital wallets.
    These systems help restaurants with cash handling, savings, and protecting against robbery risks. Clients also appreciate the convenience and leave tips directly through mobile applications. Overall contactless QR code transactions promote safer financial transfers while providing seamless, effortless experiences.
  5. Enhanced Brand Loyalty: Contactless QR code ordering enhances brand loyalty through simplified reward programs and progress tracking. Customers feel appreciated through the collection points or badges attained on the mobile app.


The future of contactless ordering

Contactless ordering enables tailor-made, interactive customer experiences with limitless possibilities. Dynamic menus showcasing high-resolution images, nutritional information, custom ingredients, and virtual tours allow clients to design their perfect meal. Therefore, customers enjoy higher levels of satisfaction and remain loyal to the restaurants.

Additionally, these system provides entirely cashless transactions, eliminating tedious money handling, security risks, and hygiene concerns. Plus, it is helping restaurants improve inventory management and increase profitability while reducing time spent on accounting and recordkeeping activities.

To sum up:

Incorporating contactless ordering systems into your restaurant offers numerous benefits for your customers and your business. Contactless ordering helps customers place orders quickly and easily through mobile applications. These systems help restaurants provide a more convenient and satisfying dining experience, leading to increased repeat business and positive reviews. 

Contactless ordering improves operational efficiency by minimizing communication barriers among team members, speeding up service time, and eliminating potential mistakes caused by manual order-taking. 

Furthermore, since everything is managed through smartphones, tablets, or POS terminals, restaurants can save money on overhead expenses. Implementing contactless ordering systems has numerous benefits for restaurants and their customers. With the help of advanced technologies, restaurants can provide exceptional customer experiences.

To improve your operation, consider incorporating contactless ordering systems into your business today. So if you are looking to incorporate a contactless ordering feature into your system, jiMenu is here for you.

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