Client Profile

Cafe Soul Desires is a restaurant situated in Chandigarh with the vision to serve the best quality food with delicious taste. From the date of its origination, it has achieved best compliments for satisfying the customers. It is known for serving delicious dishes to the customers all across the country. They have maintained dignity in receiving customers and serving food to their customers. While they increased their business and sales, they started facing difficulties to accommodate the consolidated restaurant POS system as they were using outdated software.

The Challenge

Cafe Soul Desires main objective was to upgrade their outdated software to enhance their restaurant business to a next level with the advanced technology. Moreover, they wanted to reduce the manual power and get a better-automated system that could work faster in real-time. However, they faced some more conflicts with their boring paper menu. They wanted to change the paper menu system in the restaurant as they were not able to update the paper menus very frequently with the new recipes being added. By the time the paper menu was updated, they were losing the trend as well as interest and were not able to bring their ideas to life.

They were looking for a complete solution to resolve all their restaurant business issues from the paper menu method to multiple payment methods and generate the sales report. Finally, they approached us for new upgraded software to integrate with their previous system. They discussed the requirement for the restaurant POS software to manage the restaurant tasks in a more desirable way with leading technology.

Our Approach

After analysis of their existing problems and requirements, we considered jiMenu POS, a digital menu system which would be perfect for Cafe Soul Desires requirements. An easy to use software that can be used by the restaurant owners from startups to well-established restaurants. jiMenu's interactive digital menu app for smartphones allowed restaurant owners to publish their menu items in an attractive digital form for the customers.

The restaurant was able to manage the orders more efficiently without any chaos as the order placed by the customer was displayed directly in the kitchen over a digital screen. jiMenu POS also provided online payment platform for the customer with multiple payment options.

The Solution

The Digital Menu could perfectly match their requirements as it displayed all the food items in a more appealing way, presenting their special dishes, deals and offers in a better way. It also helped the restaurant to stay up-to-date with the progress and sales report. They got a clear representation of sales made by the restaurant on a weekly or monthly basis.

After implementing jiMenu POS, Cafe Soul Desires became a perfect restaurant business with increased sales and improved business efficiency. This on-demand restaurant management system built for both mobile and web platform is now running successfully.

Words from the client

Our customers are really fascinated by the new digital menus. It is very easy to use and it saves us a huge amount of time and money. I would recommend this system to every restaurant looking to enhance the food expereince of the customers.

About jiMenu POS

jiMenu POS simply offers a with a visualized form of menu items. Checking the vacant tables for the customers, making orders, placing the orders, and making easy payments via multiple payments methods are made easy over jiMenu POS. Moreover, you can get a clear cut view of sales made by your restaurant on a weekly basis or on a monthly basis. Want to try digital menu for your restaurant? Connect with our team now.