The pandemic has changed the entire scenario and for sure it is here to stay. This leads to an increased demand for pickup and delivery for the restaurants, and they are looking out for ways to optimize and fulfill the needs of users.

Post-pandemic, it might take longer for the restaurant businesses to recover and get back to normal. Hygiene and health are now given utmost importance. The industry is surely expected to experience the most significant and permanent changes in the way it operates.

Well, the restaurants will think to reopen, the recovery pace will entirely depend on them about how they gain and restore consumer confidence and trust.

With contactless food delivery, contact between the two parties involved is mostly minimized. As the risk of infection is reduced, customers can enjoy the meals without compromising their health.

Restaurants are turning to contactless deliveries. It minimizes the involvement of many people and ensures the order delivered to the customers is safe.

How to Implement Contactless Delivery at Your Restaurant?

As more and more restaurants are now turning to contactless deliveries to ensure they protect their customers and employees, it becomes necessary for them to follow all the protocols. Here are some of the tips that the restaurants need to implement to ensure seamless and contactless delivery:

1. Optimize your Tracking System 

It is vital to optimize the restaurant's online ordering system efficiently, so that there are no delays in the delivery. Also, it helps for a complete evaluation of the operations. Even if there are delays, it becomes vital to identify the loopholes in your delivery system. Allow easy tracking via restaurant Management POS system so that you can assign the executive immediately as per the order.

2. Update Online Ordering System with Contactless Delivery

Restaurants need to update their Restaurant Management POS with a contactless delivery option. Adding payment via Debit/Card Cards, other Digital Wallet options makes it easier for the customers to place the order accordingly. Educate your employees about contactless delivery and how to follow the protocols for seamless communication.

3. Optimize Your Online Restaurant Menu

The impact of the global pandemic is huge, and it becomes vital for restaurants to operate in limited resources. Update your online digitized menu promptly to meet the growing demands of customers. Leverage your restaurant POS to identify the selling menu items.

4. QR Code Implementation

Restaurateurs are slowly beginning to see the potential in QR codes beyond simple menu viewing. For example, a QR code makes it easy to add food photos to a menu, a strategy that may increase sales of a dish, make easy payments and much more without any human involvement.

5. Communicate Via Social Media

In the current scenario, communication with the customers is the key that assures that they adapt to the best measures and ensure the safety and well-being of their customers. Communicating with the customers via messenger and other options ensure customer retention and keeps them satisfied.

QR codes are highly engaging that address all the considerations while helping to discover and making businesses contactless.

It is time to take charge of the situation and turn around the recovery of your business with jiMenu Restaurant Management POS. Talk to us now to learn how we could help you track the recovery of your restaurant. Contact us now!