Is the food industry wiping out due to the pandemic effect or digital transformation is changing the current scenario? There is still no clear visibility of when the crisis is going to end, still, the restaurants are searching for ways to remain feasible in the very challenging conditions. 

Over a short span, the food industry was upside down. As the major countries declared a state of emergency, the food industry sale came down by 80%, and to survive restaurants begin to find creative and digitized solutions while adapting them to solve the major customer's trouble. However, with time the food industry has implemented several measures, policies that became the new normal and will continue even after the pandemic effects are gone.

Food Industry Post Covid-19

How will the restaurants and businesses stabilize their business after the pandemic?

Well, the advent of technology here plays a major role. The entire functioning of the restaurant has taken a different route and no longer the customers practice the same old things. There is an immense shift towards customer health while practicing social distancing. Customers now prefer visiting restaurants that follow safety measures, proper sanitization, QR codes scanning for digitized menus, digitized payment so that there is contactless dining, and much more. 

Customers would not take much time and shift to the restaurant that follows a better sanitization policy or better services to safeguard customer’s health. So, it becomes quite clear that in the post-pandemic situation the food industry will concentrate and focus on making the customers feel safe rather than just selling their food to them.

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Key strategies for restaurants to adopt for their survival 

1. Leverage the use of Technology

Having the right technology can make the process streamline for your restaurant. Not only it helps the restaurants to sustainability to carry their operations but also offers enough to boost traffic. Contactless payments help to decrease person-to-person transactions. Self-ordering via QR code scanning shortens the long queues, guest engagement loyalty programs that retain and motivate customers, the digitized menu for the food orders are a few of the technologies spotlighted. These must be considered and adopted to offer a safe dining experience to the users.

As per consultation from McKinsey, the digital customer experience is now the most crucial factor that gains the loyalty of the customer and retains them. With technology, you can engage more of the customers with personalized offers and make the required decision on what to promote, updating the menu, and much more.

2. Target the loyal customers

Retaining the customers is highly imperative in today’s time as there is a lot of competition. Food-service providers need an efficient, easy way of communication with their valuable customers and consider their reviews and suggestions seriously. The mode of communication could be e-mail, chatbot, social media, and more. 

When the customers visit the restaurant ensure to take down the email and contact number so that you can reconnect with the customers and keep them updated with any offers, events, discounts, and more while gaining their trust.

3. Get Creative

People crave the restaurant food and enjoy the comfort food, the restaurants can take the benefit of this while getting creative. For example, offer larger portions, meals for families, and coupons for pickup. These kinds of offers help the restaurant operator to be more creative. 

4. Reduce Costs

As the number of orders continues to go down due to the pandemic, the key to survival becomes a reduction in the cost. You can negotiate with current vendors to reduce the cost and switch to vendors that offer better pricing. It’s vital to turn to technology that helps you determine how and where the costs can be cut which becomes vital in the environment of uncertainty. 

The use of technology proves to be a boon 

As there is a strong shift in the food habit of people during the pandemic the things are much safer, hygienic, and transparent than ever before. The right use of technology is the key to success for every industry post-COVID-19 and especially the food industry. 

Implementing the right trends would probably make the food industry stronger and better. Offering a digital menu for your customers along with other added features like self-ordering, vacant tables, making payments via multiple methods is the key. 

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