Have you ever given a thought to how much food does your restaurant wastes daily? You could have saved a hefty amount if the money was utilized for some productive tasks. 

Every restaurant around the world indeed wastes tons of food as the diners leave the food behind on their plates. As per a study from WRAP, patrons for the restaurant are classified into two categories: those who see meals as functional and others who are more likely to see it as a collective threat. The latter group often tends to leave the meals on their plates as they are likely to order different courses and unable to finish them. 

As per a study, the percentage of food wasted in a fast-food restaurant is around 9.55%, and the restaurant with full-service wastes around 11.3% of the food purchased.

It does not only harm the food supplies of a restaurant but also boosts the restaurant food costs. If the staff produces too much food, it means the raw material is being used in excess that is simply a waste. The amount wasted in excess raw material could have been used elsewhere to generate profits.

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How to Reduce Food Waste in Your Restaurant?

It has become vital to save and protect the environment. Here are the different ways how you can reduce restaurant wastage:

1. Install a POS System

From the management of the table to their payments and taking orders, the POS restaurant management allows the staff to manage all operations digitally. As they do not have to note down the orders using pen and paper, there are probably no mistakes while placing the order. Also, the POS system helps to track the inventory of the restaurant efficiently. With this, the owner knows what food items they are short of, what they have in excess. With this, there are no issues of over-ordering, which prevents the food to be wasted.

  • It offers paperless ordering
  • It helps in tracking the inventory automatically
  • When you know your inventory details, you prevent the wastage of food.

2. Give the leftovers to staff

At times there may be leftovers that are not even touched by the customers. In that case, you can ask your employees to take the unused products to their homes. As long as the products are safe to eat, your employees can enjoy the meal with their families. This reduces the wastage of food in the restaurant and also increases the morale of the employees.

3. Donating and Recycling

In case the food is prepared in access, instead of throwing it away, why not donate it to the poor and needy people. The restaurant can connect with the NGOs nearby and donate the leftover foods instead of making them go to waste. Give guests napkins that can be reused and washed. The restaurant needs to replace all the non-disposable crockery with washable crockery that could help them to save a little more.

POS System is worth your Investment 

Food wastage is a big problem that needs an ultimate solution and begins with small steps. It starts with proper inventory management for your restaurant. When you know the right amount of products, you need to install, the wastage ultimately reduces.

So, integrating the right POS system is the perfect solution to all your queries. jiMenu offers a restaurant management POS system that is a robust platform to manage all your stocks in real-time. Get in touch and see how technology impacts the bottom line and reduces food wastage!