Considering the situation of pandemic things changed and the restaurant staff was forced to stay at home. With no profits in business, it became difficult for the restaurant owners to stabilize their business.

Things are getting back to normal, and to adapt to the new normal, the industry saw a major transformation that leads and the concept of cloud kitchen continues to gain momentum. In uncertain times when assurance of safety is crucial for the staff and the customers, it is a must to run a restaurant that minimizes the contact between the people. Before moving forward, let us know what is cloud kitchen?

What does Cloud Kitchen mean?

A cloud kitchen is a restaurant that operates its business entirely online. The owner of the restaurant sets a kitchen where the orders can be placed using third-party delivery apps or directly on the restaurant website. It does not offer any dine-in service for the restaurant. The food is prepared in the kitchen and sent off for delivery.

This model is quite successful now, especially after the pandemic. One of the examples is Faasos, which gained huge popularity and launched itself in a big way in India. People prefer eating at the comfort of their home and due to the pandemic customers now feel comfortable ordering food rather than stepping out to grab a bite.

How can you run a successful Cloud Kitchen?

1. Instant Services

It has become crucial for the owners to deliver instant services to their customers. Cloud kitchens are taking the advantage of food delivery apps and collaborating with them for quality service to get more views. This reduces the burden of delivery from their head leading to a reduction in the establishment costs.

To expand your cloud kitchen services and get more visibility you can leverage the use of on-demand apps while making them take advantage of your reputation.

2. Increase in Hygiene

The traditional restaurant's operations included a lot of hands touching the food. Due to this reason, the chances of infection become much higher. This is the most crucial problem during the COVID-19 era, due to which clients prefer to order food from online applications.

Instead of setting up restaurants that may or may not follow the ideal health standards, cloud kitchens help to serve a better alternative.

3. It is cost-effective

Opening and operating a restaurant is a costly affair and a lot of risks are associated to keep your restaurant running. Especially during the pandemic many of the restaurants are getting affected but with the cloud kitchens, the investors can save a lot of time and money on the entire venture. 

Once you set a commercial kitchen and start to offer the relevant services, you can focus on keeping the kitchen running, without having to worry about paying the employees.

4. Easy Expansion

Since the restaurant can be easily set and does not require any large space, it can be set on a small budget. So when it comes to the expansion of your business venture it offers many opportunities. Since the cloud kitchen requires a very limited space to set up their expansion costs are quite less. It becomes easy to relocate these commercial spaces and there are tons of other advantages it offers.

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Choosing the Right Tech stack for Cloud Kitchen

Your online cloud kitchen operates without waiters, cardboard menus, traditional brick and mortar set up, and much more. But to operate the kitchen you need to choose the right technology stack that receives your online order, handle the payment, offer the best-digitized menu to the customers and handle the inventory while analyzing and gathering the customer data.

It has become vital to give a digital makeover to your cloud kitchen and with jiMenu, you can offer perfectly designed solutions to cater to your restaurant and the digital menu in an enhanced way. 

Do you want to offer your customers an easy platform where the customers can view the foodstuff attractively offered by your cloud kitchen? jiMenu has got you covered. Contact us and take your business to the next level!