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Integrating Loyalty Programs in Your Restaurant POS System

With the ferocious rivalry in the food and beverage industry, it requires a ton of effort to acquire a customer and seconds to lose one. Repeat customers have a tendency to spend more, and furthermore move toward becoming evangelists of your restaurant. Along these lines, while you should work to pull in more clients, you should also give equal significance to holding your customers as well. Restaurant loyalty and membership reward points are probably the most attempted and tested methods for attracting and retaining customers.

Best Ways to Increase How Much Customers Spend in Your Restaurant

Increasing your customers’ average transaction value is a necessary part of running a successful quick-service-restaurant. That customer is already in your door willing to spend, but how can you maximize that sale? Let’s dive right into some concepts that any quick service restaurant or cafe can implement to increase how much each customer spends: Offer More Goods and Services: While having a niche can attract a specific crowd, it reduces your restaurant’s attractivenes...

Efficiently Managing Finance and Accounts of Your Restaurant

Opening a restaurant is almost everyone's dream but simply being a good chef is not adequate in the restaurant space today. To survive you need to know how to cook food as well as how to sell food, maintain the sales and then count your sales. Regardless of whether you are not an accountant to make due in the restaurant space today, you need to at least be prepared with the numbers game a little to ensure you recognize what is happening and what is not. To make it simpler for you, here we have some restaurant accounting&nbs...

Managing Multiple Outlets with Restaurant Management Solution

Running a restaurant is a hectic task requiring the entire day's attention and even after the restaurant shuts down, the restaurateur's work is never done. They need to compile information, loom at sales, count profits and what not. While efficient managers and employees help ease the workload even they cannot be depended upon completely. In such a situation where managing one single restaurant is such an enormous task, running different outlets appears like an impossible dream. That is the place where we need a

AI and Food Industry: Experiencing the Revolution

With the evolving advancement in the food industry, the customer's demands grew alongside. Customers now demand satisfying services and more benefits with a low budget. While this has become a challenging task for restaurant owners to fulfil customer demands in the low budget. Large restaurants are able to manage somehow by offering extra deals and services while the startup restaurants still struggle while satisfying their customers. So, there seems a need for a tool which can assist us to enhance our customer's experience. Isn't it?

Know how Customer Feedback can affect your Restaurant

How often do you ask your guests to give a feedback about your restaurant services? Maybe never because you never gave a thought to it. Right? While few of you would say yes about taking the customer feedback. Most of the restaurant owners assume that their restaurant is doing fine if they are getting good sales. But you are wrong! Customer feedback is one of the most crucial steps while heading towards success in your food business. Is customer feedback necessary for your restaurant? Most of the re...

Introducing mPOS System for a Better Restaurant Experience!

What's the first thing that strikes your mind when you plan to enhance your customer experience? Gain their attention by giving them the best and unique services? Giving them the most comfortable and friendly environment? And what else? Being into the food industry, we all are well aware by now that customers demand easy, fast, and quality services. Isn't it? As per a survey made by Harvard Business School, it was recorded that improving customer retention rates by

Considerable Aspects While Getting your Food Ordering App Ready

How many of you still plan a dinner out with your family and friends? Most of you would say a NO, just because with the evolving technology we have made ourselves so confined that we hardly get time to go out. The concept of travelling hours to a restaurant for having meals has been outdated now with the introduction of endless restaurant management solutions available in the food industry right now. 8 out of 10 restaurants offer you online services these days, thereby saving your time, fuel, and money.

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