New restaurants open every day, with fresh ideas and brand identity in mind. Fresh entrepreneurs do things with a motive and to fulfill their dream. There have been standout trends that do not apply to everyone. The person who is adamant about owning a restaurant and serving food is not to be told. The person will itself know that they have to use fresh and local vegetables, pay their administration well, maintain a positive culture and invest in new technology. 

In this fast-paced world, we are in a neck to neck competition with our competitors. This demands big changes that help in optimizing your business operations giving you time to focus on more. By more I mean not only more important things but constant innovation that will persuade your customers to engage with you and your brand. SaaS (Software-as-a-Service)Tools are way cheaper than the traditional ways of managing a restaurant. Therefore, it is time to invest in new technology.

Let us have a look at how good jiMenu - Restaurant POS Software is as a SaaS Tool?

Less Hardware for Manual Managing 

STOP, having a big old billing machine and a Computer System to cater your reception furniture area. Instead, keep people running about in the restaurant space and communicating to warmly welcome each customer. Have a showdown with the remote access of the POS System Software!

The Restaurant POS Software is manageable through your mobile devices and tablets, servers can go from table to table to ask people what they will like to have, recommend chef specials and much more. Major benefits of having Restaurant POS Software are: 

  • Less machinery that will minimize the Financial Costs and ultimately Depreciation the big old computers.
  • Staying Updated On-the-go with the Restaurant POS Software. Tell people the availability of their table, the best on the menu, super-edit the new menu, reduce the hassle of the ordering process and so much more.
  • Fast Order Processing; When we reduced the usage of the notebook and receipting the order; bill generation, food preparation will not be hampered and the orders won't flip down in the course of progress

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Cloud Integrated Restaurant Management System

STOP, worrying about data storage, data expandability according to the management files of the restaurant management system. Integrate Cloud-based Restaurant Management System. Have a safe sail by using the software system remotely. Cloud Integrated Restaurant Management System will help you: 

  • Stay online always
  • No heavy Investment, well, it is nothing in front of the depreciating machinery.
  • Regular Software Updates for which you just need an internet connection and also get updated with the latest advancements in your software.
  • High Security and Storage
  • Faster business operations.

Digital Menu Integration

STOP, having your restaurant staff run with notebooks of menus and order receipts and then run to the kitchen with the order initiation. This is long, delay-prone and not a happening process for a reputable restaurant like yours.

Digital Menu Integration is a  convenience to your customers and staff both. It will reduce the chances of order cancellation as the order will directly transport to the kitchen and the staff just have to bring you delicious food in the mentioned timeline. 

Major benefits of this system are:

  • Enhanced Customer Experience.
  • Faster intimation to the kitchen about an order.
  • Low dependency on staff for collecting each table's order.
  • Consumer Behaviour Recorded!

That last one is the ultimate checklist option that can be used to market your eat place on social media, With Prooves!

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Self-service Kiosks

STOP, making people have all the junk with no hard work at all. It can be used in the name of the social service, especially by USA Restaurants. Self-service kiosks are the ultimate way to persuade and engage people to dine in with your restaurant. Order food on your own is a convenient way for people to save themselves from the queue and for the staff to respond well afterward. Worry no more and make your and their work easier, integrate Self-service kiosks!

Takeaways of this system:

  • It allows you to serve more Foodies!
  • Enhance Customer Experience. 
  • No long Queue Hassle
  • Central Selling Opportunity

Integrate Major Functionalities

STOP, initiating training programs for new employees! You need to start automating major functionalities by the integration of the Restaurant POS System. This will save your employees from all the hard work they put running around the Cafeteria all-day long. You will also be saved from the hassle of initiating training programs for new employees. 

Major benefits of the Restaurant POS System are: 

  • Central System for complete Restaurant Management. 
  • Easy to Train Staff
  • Empower your entire business operations from table booking to billing.


Follow the Restaurant POS System Software trend and never let your business innovation be old. Focus on more important techniques to better run your business. Stay updated with the restaurant management software by jiMenu. Ensure you kick off the old practices right away to stay one step ahead in the competition.