Have you ever stopped and gazed at the digital menu board outside the restaurant while passing by because you could not ignore the attractive display? Yes, this happens a lot of the time. Many times we go to the mall and get so lured by the mouth-watering dishes being displayed on the digital screen that we straight away head to the food court. The digital menu boards are used by the food businesses to advertise their brand and attract customers. It is a smart way to reaching the maximum customers and compelling them to place an order. It builds a strong reputation of your restaurant in the market and helps people to retain your restaurant's name for a longer time. 

By implementing the Digital Menu Board software, you can easily manage your menu board and make the most of it to enhance your sales. The software allows you to operate the display on the board and manage the content to be streamed. It allows you to create and customize the menu list to be displayed. Many businesses are reported to have a tremendous increase in sales after deploying digital boards. The board can be used for advertisement, promotions, building customer relationships and expanding customer reach.

Read to know how can you transform your fast-food corner with digital menu software.

Benefits of Using The Digital Menu Board Software At Your Restaurant

  • Easily Update Content: The digital menu board software enables you to create, edit, rearrange the menu list to be displayed on the digital screen. You can easily add or remove the food item from the menu list according to the availability. It allows you to update the prices, instructions, or any other information displayed on the board. You can make change the designs, fonts or style of the menu list as frequently as you like with the help of this software.
  • Upsell Your Famous Dishes: This software helps you adopt smart marketing techniques. You can upsell the most trending or famous dish of your restaurant by highlighting it on the menu display or by creating attractive discounts or combos. You can promote your high-margin items by creating limited-time offers. This will compel your customers to buy that particular item and will drift their attention to it again and again.
  • Make The Waiting Time Fun-Filled: Nobody likes to wait and the waiting time can seem like forever when we wait for the food. Though you cannot just eliminate the waiting time you can surely make that time fun-filled. This software allows you to play interesting and attention-catching videos and media on the digital board to engage the customers while they wait. It enhances the overall experience of the customers at your restaurant and helps you achieve higher customer satisfaction. 
  • Use Day-Parting: Its time to say goodbye to the old and traditional ways of having separate menus for breakfast, lunch & dinner. You can set the digital menu to automatically change its menu list according to the time of the day. You can preschedule the menus for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and with the help of automatic day-parting, the menu will know when to display which menu list.
  • Remote Access: The software allows you to manage, configure & monitor the digital menu board remotely. You can have your digital board situated at any corner of the world and can operate it from your home, office or anywhere. It allows you to create, arrange, update or edit the media or content from any location. You can have complete access to the digital menu board and can change the settings remotely.

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Digital Menu Board Software To Upgrade Your Business

The Digital Menu Board exhibits several advantages because it enables you to connect with your customers digitally. It affects their order choices without being prominent and enhances customers' experience at your restaurant. You can be creative and use your menu board to display additional information about the nutrition of the food items. Moreover, the well lit and attractively displayed menu board adds on to the ambiance of your restaurant. If you are looking for a coherent digital menu board software, then we have the perfect solution for you in the form of jiMenu. It is the most efficient digital menu software that is well structured and easy to use. Contact us for further information.