This generation has developed an immense love for various cuisines and is very fond of dining at the restaurants. This is the reason why restaurants nowadays are filled most of the time. Though a busy restaurant mark good business, but long queues outside your restaurant can frustrate your guests. No one likes waiting and when it comes to food waiting can become unbearable. You can make your customers happy by not making them wait for the tables to get vacant without lowering your sales with the help of the table management system.

Table Management Software is the system used by restaurants to manage reservations and table bookings. It enables you to automate the floor and table management process with simple tools. The system helps you efficiently manage guests and gives you access to turn tables faster, manage waitlists and reduce errors. With the help of this software, you can easily keep track of the reserved tables, tables available for booking and instruct your staff to lay the tables accordingly. The whole process is done digitally and you can access the software from any device. It does not require you to be present in the restaurant to manage the floor and table layouts. This software helps you keep a check on the restaurant and the table vacancy from anywhere.

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How Does A Table Management System Improve Your Guests' Experience?

  • Online Table Reservation: Online table bookings have become very famous nowadays. People prefer to make reservations before going to restaurants. The table management software will enable your customers to make online table reservations and will update the reservations on your system. Your staff can easily view the table reservation, make arrangements and seat the walk-in customers accordingly. Moreover, the system eliminates human errors that can occur at the time of making reservations.
  • Queue Management: A comprehensive table management system enables you to make the arrangements for the guests even before they had arrived. You can fill in the details of the customer on the software and assign a table against their name. This allows you to manage the tables efficiently and plan out the floor layout on a priority  basis. The staff can view the already occupied and reserved tables, and make further reservations accordingly.
  • Forecasting The Exact Wait-Time: The system enables the restaurant managers to estimate the time it would take to seat and serve the incoming guests and they can make the next bookings according to that. The fully managed work structure helps you in minimizing the waiting time for the customers. This will help you attain better customer satisfaction and will enhance your services.
  • Increased Customer Loyalty: The table management software helps you in increasing customer loyalty by providing them better and faster services. It helps you in building a healthy relationship with your customers and enables you to make a good impact on the customers. Your guests leave fully satisfied and happy and will make their visits to your restaurant more frequent.

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Get A Smart Table Management Software For Your Restaurant 

Implementing a Table Management System in your restaurant digitalizes your ways of management and make you more efficient. It eases the work of your managing staff and enables them to serve customers better. If you are planning to install a table management software into your restaurant, then make sure that the software you choose is potent and competent to meet all your requirements. Always state the specifications that you expect in your system and then look for the capable provider. jiMenu is the foremost Table Management Software that can cater to all your needs with its amazing features. You can contact us to know the software in detail.