Are you running a restaurant and spending too much money on updating and printing menus? Does it demand a lot of penny for promoting your special dishes? Are you putting more time and money on retaining your customers? Do not worry! With the growth of advancement, there is a big transformation in the restaurant businesses as well. There are many ways that help businesses to do promotion, attract and retain potential customers.

Nowadays, the increasing demand of people has led to the introduction and development of digital many software. The software help restaurants in solving a lot of problems that the restaurant manager usually come across while performing all tasks manually. With digital menus software, the restaurant is able to advertise their new dishes, promote content and can make use of interactive technology with simple interfaces. This enhances customer engagements and keep them happy and contended. Apart from this it also makes it easier for everyone to maintain greater control over the ad revenues. The software has many more features that are discussed below.

Top Features of Digital Menu for Restaurant

  • Time and Cost-Efficient Technologies: The important aspect of digital menus in the restaurant industry is that it helps in reducing the overhead cost significantly. It reduces the stress and worries about changing an updating the static menus. Another important benefit of the software in the restaurant industry is that it is cost-effective. After investing in digital signage you no longer have to send regular promotions and think about updating the menu list. It also helps you in designing your menus in a more attractive manner without demanding too much time and efforts. Thus, it is easy to manage and play a vital role in encouraging your customers to show the right content at the right time of the day and week.
  • Customized Menu List: Is your restaurant introducing new dishes? Now enhance the advertisement with digital menu software.It helps in evolving your content and present in the way that best suits the need of your business and customers. Since the software is easy to manage and customized it make it easy for the management to make adjustments as needed. Also, it is possible to modify and add unique filters to make it more imperative.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The best point of most of the restaurant management software is that they are user-friendly. This increases its demand and tends many restaurants to implement the software solution for seamless operation of their restaurant. Most of the menu boards are fairly easy to use and take only a short amount of time to learn to use. Even the least technologically savvy employee can use the app efficiently.
  • Effective Order Management: The digital menu allows the user to present detailed descriptions of items with photographs, promotional offers and much more. Like the traditional order, waiter physically comes and take orders from the guest, but instead of generating handwritten KOT, the waiter punches the order on the digital menus that are directly sent to kitchen as well as integrated POS. This results in a reduction of error, faster service, and increasing turnover hence revenue.
  • Better Communication: The software is developed using the latest technology, and can easily integrate with another restaurant POS. This help in displaying POS menus immediately on the tablet menu thus help in doing accurate billing and efficient service. Also, it helps in enhancing the overall dining experience.
  • Quick Service: The software has direct connectivity with the kitchen management system it is easy to place an order using a specific digital menu app. This reduces human error and ensures that no order is missed or entered twice. Thus, prevents wastage of resources and leads to faster service.
  • Imperative Table Management: With accuracy in table management it is helpful for the restaurant to manage their task smoothly. With efficient table management, it is easy to administer the table efficiently in the web panel and in placing an order accordingly.



Building an effective customer engagement depends largely on creating enticing, stimulating, and eye-catching content. It is important to have high-quality, easy to read and audible content. Also, some of the digital menu software offers you the way to change your playback options based on what you find to be more engaging to the customers. jiMenu is an online menu software app that helps you in creating, updating and enlisting the menu on the digital screen. Get in touch with us to understand the complete working of the software.