The utilization of digital menu boards and signage is one of the most hottest trends in the today’s restaurants. By developing an efficient, moderate, and eye-catching strategy for communication with clients, digital menu boards have rapidly developed in popularity. Unfortunately, estimating the genuine effect of utilizing this new innovation can get a little tricky. When utilized accurately, digital menu boards can support sales, increase customer engagement, and enhance overall customer satisfaction.

Yet, without precise metrics and information, nailing down the subtle elements of this engagement can be difficult. To help, the digital signage experts at jiMenu have three snappy tips for estimating the aftereffects of your digital menu board:

Advertise You Loyalty Program:

Utilize your digital menu board to push enrollment in your loyalty program. Offer a short description of the advantages, and display easy enrollment details for your client. At that point, just track the effect by observing corresponding patterns in enrollment. Offering an exceptional perk for quick enrollment will just sweeten the deal for your customers. By connecting this offer to your loyalty program via a unique password or link to your website, you can without much of a stretch figure out which participation activity was propelled by your digital menu board content.

You won't just get the metrics you have to check customer engagement, you will also pull in brand advocates, gain reach, and start fabricating a loyal audience of customers.

Display a Special Discount:

Each customer acknowledges a discount and you can use their desire to spare a dollar to decide whether your digital menu promotions are working. They will be cheerful to spare a little money, and you will have the capacity to successfully measure your engagement, it is a win-win situation! It is also important to ensure you are permitting enough on-screen time for your clients to read and understand each message.

There is nothing more irritating than a promotion that flashes by too rapidly to comprehend!

Offer a Limited-Time Item:

Need to know whether your digital menu board is influencing your clients? Offer them a limited-time promotional item and use full-color images to draw attention, and feature your exceptional selections. Toward the day's end, simply audit your deals, on the off chance that you have received orders for this thing, you will know your customers are focusing on your digital signage.

By observing the trends in ordering and sales even over the course of only a couple of days you can monitor your customer engagement, and decide whether or not your efforts to reach your audience are effective. On the off chance that you have effectively made dynamic content, you will see the results. On the off chance that your efforts were not fruitful on the first attempt, you can undoubtedly change the placement, design, and content of your digital menu board to command more customer attention.

Still not sure where to start with digital signage? Contact the digital signage experts at jiMenu, today. We will help you to choose how best to use digital menu board innovation to drive sales, increase customer satisfaction, and inspire customer loyalty from the very beginning.