Are you running a restaurant business? How do you manage the task of preparing bills and maintaining the record of the same? Does your current strategy provide access to important data points? If not, then there is a need to look for ways to update the same. In today's world, it becomes very essential to focus on restaurant technology. It not only make your task easy and seamless but also ensures to offer the great experience to your potential customer thus increasing the chance of their retention.

Why Update Your Current Billing System?

Does the usual billing system make your customer wait for long? Is most of your time wasted in troubleshooting the billing system that makes it difficult for you to focus on other services of your restaurant? If yes, then it is the right time to upgrade the billing system. You can substitute your billing system with a modern-POS system that offers a quick and smart way of running your restaurant business.

The introduction of modern billing and POS system in your restaurant software help you run business single handily. The way has overcome the drawback of preparing manual bills and the hard labor involved in managing the entire restaurant and the related management task. Thus a software helps you in saving time, money and energy. 

What Are The Features Of Modern Restaurant Billing System?

  • Speed and Accuracy: Although the bill can be generated by simply punching an order. But along with this, there is a need for doing the task more quickly and accurately. The modern POS system comes up with such features. Along with this it also helps the restaurant management to streamlines the whole process and reduces the chance of any delay in preparing bills.
  • Maintainance and Management of Central Data: The modern billing system works like your data warehouse where all the transactions made in your restaurant are recorded. This helps you in considering the customer preference, shortlist the dishes that are being loved and much more.
  • Accuracy In Inventory Management: The upgraded restaurant billing system and its integration with inventory management software help the restaurant in understanding and identifying the true food cost and in producing accurate reports.

Choose The Right POS System

After you understand the need for upgrading your current billing system, the next important step is to choose the right POS system with maximum features and benefits. For this do some homework and invest proper time in doing research, taking online demos from different vendors, learn the tips to integrate and use it, it's cost etc.

How To Make Smooth Transitions?

Once you finalize your decision regarding POS it is now time to learn the ways for making smooth transitions. While upgrading your billing system it becomes essential to make some adjustments. Some of the major changes that you need to do while making smooth transitions are:

  • Data Backup: The major defining factor for running any business is data. It is very essential to consider safety and security. Discuss with experts how you can safely backup your data and sync it with your new system. The POS that works with cloud handles and maintain data backup easily and seamlessly.
  • Installation: Although the modern day POS system takes lesser installation time, still it is good to choose the time when your restaurant has a slow business. Talk to the service provider and choose the suitable time for installing the software in your system.
  • Training: After upgrading the billing system, the time comes to train your staff to use the same. Schedule the proper training session and ask the vendor for training support and module. Interrogate your staff and make sure that your staff is not facing any difficulty in adapting to the new system.


If after so many efforts your restaurant is still lacking behind your competitors then it is the time to upgrade your restaurant billing system with POS system. It helps in smooth running of the restaurant and offers great customer experience and satisfaction. jiMenu offers the latest POS system for running your restaurant and to make the task seamless. To know about the product detail get in touch with us. We would love to help you with all your doubts.