Are you thinking of opening a new restaurant or want to expand your restaurant chain? Whether running a single or a chain of restaurants, it is very essential to manage the tasks accurately to ensure the smooth flow of the enterprise.  Good and well-optimized business tasks offer good customer satisfaction and hence increased profits. 

To streamline your restaurant operations it is good to look for reliable tools. These tools offer the best restaurant solutions that are meant to automate the business process that is involved in running it.

There are many different tools that are specifically designed to ease the task of the restaurant and focus on marketing (CRM), human capital management (HRM), and inventory management software. All these tools if used in the right way help in reducing the stress of the restaurant owner. Although these tools are quite expensive the right implementation of the product proves to be worthy and help you in generating huge profits.

Before choosing the product it is essential to invest proper time so that you can avail maximum benefits by employing little endeavors. Make sure that the restaurant software tool includes the key features for billing, CRM, stock and inventor, reporting and analytics. By using these features, you can ease management burdens thus reducing your burden and relieving your stress. Here we will discuss the two most popular tools that offer maximum benefits to your restaurant.

Point Of Sale (POS): Menu Management Tool

A POS system is a combination of hardware and software that focuses on multiple business operations. It is considered as the central nervous system of the restaurant that helps in creating a seamless link between guests, service team, kitchen team, accountant, General Manager, and the Executive Chef. Thus it helps in creating a customized and user-friendly digital menu and offer improved operational efficiency. On the whole, it decreases the labor hours and increases the revenue of the restaurant. 

The POS is further subdivided into two parts: the local server system that includes Micros and Aloha and the cloud-based wireless system that includes some of the latest platforms like Breadcrumb, Revel, Square. If you are operating a restaurant with multiple dining areas then it is good to opt for a local server system, while the iPad based cloud system is beneficial in smaller restaurants. 

Open Table: Guest Management Tool

Most of the restaurants use the reservation system but it results in the loss of opportunity to grab new customers. This enhances the need for the software like Open Table. It is a comprehensive guest management tool that enhances the service levels, improves guest loyalty and increases the revenue of the restaurant.

The open table system manages the daily seating capacity of the restaurant and makes them available and accessible to potential customers attending your restaurant. To calculate the total revenue, measure the income you can make from each seat. This will help in estimating an average income that you can make from the restaurant per day. This will also help you in making a decision regarding investment and estimation of a possible pool of customers that may visit your restaurant.


Above are the two most famous, reliable and emerging software tool that is helping the restaurants to meet the latest demands and needs of the customer. Moving ahead and enabling your customer to view the menu with full descriptions digitally decreases the staff expenses and boosts customer awareness and experience.

So start investing smartly on the restaurant management software tool and revolutionize your restaurant environment from ordering to serving.