Do you still manage customer records over registers in your restaurant? Or let's say do you find difficulty while analyzing the sales made in the last month? If your answer is a yes, then you are certainly missing something major. A few decades back, all the restaurant tasks were managed manually which consumed a lot of time, efforts, and staff engagement too. Isn't it? Not only this, carrying out restaurant operations manually does accompany chances of mistakes and errors.

But all thanks to the advancement in the technology which brought up the POS systems for restaurants for making restaurating more easy, reliable, and accurate enough.

Importance of a POS system in restaurants

Using cash registers to manage your restaurant's accounting data would be similar like using an abacus in today's world. Moreover, as the customers demands keep on increasing, they expect more and more from your restaurant in the same budget. Isn't it? At this point, it becomes essential to implement a suitable POS system which can streamline all your restaurant operations, enhance your customer experience, and uplifts your restaurant sales.

Essential tasks that your POS system should absolutely do

Wondering about what all features does a perfect POS system holds? No worries! We have prepared a list of essential tasks which a perfect POS system must carry out.

  • Accounting and ERP software: Managing the accounts and financial details of your restaurant is the basic thing which every POS system must have because you simply can't shuffle through piles of papers and look up for the records. Rather you need a POS system which has its own in-built accounting system. And if not, at least it must be able to integrate with your external finance and accounting system.
  • Provide comprehensive analytics and reporting: If your POS system maintains and keeps a record of restaurant data, it's great. But a perfect POS system would assist you by offering correct and complete analytics and sales report, representing a clear view of sales made by your restaurant. Some of the POS systems like jiMenu offers you the reports which are categorized clearly, i.e. making easy for you to differentiate about the sales.
  • Manage inventory in real time: Keeping a regular check on the stock, quantity left of the ingredients in the kitchen area, which supplier delivered the stock and in how much quantity, this needs to be monitored and recorded properly. Isn't it? So, you need a POS system which manages your inventory in real time and gives the exact idea about the stock in the restaurant.
  • Manage and monitor your employees: Not only does the POS system records the restaurant accounting reports, but it also must be capable of monitoring your employees and other staff members too at all times. Keeping a record of employee performance, how well do they serve the guests, are they offering quick services, and what not, all information can be easily tracked with the right POS system.
  • Incorporate tablets for waiters to serve customers: Instead of wasting time noting down the orders on a notepad and taking it to the kitchen area, POS system can let the waiters take the orders directly on the tablet and directly forward it to the kitchen area. This will help in saving time and giving the same time to customers and this even reduces the chances of errors which are made while taking orders manually.
  • Synchronize data across multiple branches: If you have multiple outlets, it becomes impossible to manage all of them at the same time. Agree? Having a smart POS system lets you manage data of multiple branches and lets you monitor all of them at the same time.

Looking for the perfect POS system for your restaurant?

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