Kitchen Display Systems (KDS) are basically an ordering and information system display in the kitchen backend to increase restaurant efficiency. Kitchen Display Systems are ending up progressively vital and well known for modern restaurants, particularly quick-service restaurants whose plan of action works around giving prompt services to clients. This article will reveal to you why the Kitchen Display Systems in restaurants have turned into the need of great importance.

The restaurant POS, when equipped with a KDS, can truly work ponders for your restaurant. This integration is that empowers orders placed in the POS to automatically get updated in the KDS and displayed to the kitchen staff. 

  • With an access to a mobile POS, the serving staff can be updated when the orders are prepared which would guarantee that food is served right after it is prepared. 
  • You can directly take orders from clients from their table and it will get updated in the KDS, which will save a great amount of time and boost efficiency. 
  • It also enables online orders to completely integrate into restaurant operations, with the goal that they do not require extra staff or returning to the POS. 

Give us a chance to examine the ways Kitchen Display Systems improve restaurant activities and prompts greater business success

  • Improved Inventory Management and Waste Control: Kitchen Display Systems also help to reduce wastage at your restaurant, which in the long run diminishes the overall food costs. A discrepancy in order taking by the waiter, or mixing up of orders is one of the real reasons for food wastage in restaurants. The KDS eliminates such confusion and decreases food wastage significantly. Integrated with the POS, display screen automatically monitors order volume and stock levels, alarming you when quantities become low, guaranteeing that the stock in the inventory is renewed accordingly.
  • Increased Service Speed and Efficiency: Restaurant kitchens are one of the busiest spots, with everybody hurrying to complete their work. It should not astonish if the hand-written ticket orders are lost, or damaged because of spills and splatters or rendered illegible because of the handwriting. This can in the long run prompt nightmarish order inaccuracies. A KDS puts an end to every single such issue by showcasing details of all the orders on a bright, easy-to-read, wide display system that also serves as a central repository.
  • Better Customer Service: Improved precision and service speed gives a phenomenal experience to clients. The food service industry is quite in light of customer service and the quality of service that you offer either breaks or makes your business. A KDS emphatically changes a restaurant's overall performance and contributes greatly to customer service. With lesser hassles and confusion in the kitchen backend, even the service staff can stretch out great hospitality to the clients.
  • Complete Tracking of Orders and Detailed Reporting: The KDS screen displays the time it will take for your kitchen staff to complete an order, and if you are furnished with a POS system that offers reports and analytics, you can gain access to tremendous information that can enable you to improve your overall restaurant operations. With this data, restaurateurs and managers can keep a check of the average time taken for a specific meal to be prepared as well as the average time it takes for orders to get processed.

The restaurant business rotates around efficiency and accuracy, and Kitchen Display Systems or Display Screens have proven to be of tremendous value for restaurants, replacing paper tickets and kitchen printers. The operational advantages of a touch-screen display system are huge, and they also counter restaurant wastage and give a great customer experience with better kitchen coordination and administration.