Handling a restaurant is not an easy task to do. The owners need to efficiently deal with the staff, satisfy their customers for the operations to be streamlined. One of the major issues the restaurant owners face is employee theft. No matter whether you have a small café or a big restaurant, the thefts are prevalent.

You would never know, even if your employees cheat on you. As per research, around 75% of the employees cheated their employer. This may be because of many reasons. Therefore, the employer needs to be attentive enough to know what is going at their restaurant even when they are not present.

Do you want to create a supportive and secure environment for your staff and prevent fraud? Here are some of the tips that help to prevent employee theft in the very first place.

Efficient ways to Prevent Employee Theft

So the question comes, how to prevent employee theft? Read out the tips and know the measure you must follow for your restaurant:

1. Keep a track of inventory and sales

Your restaurant depends on the inventory stock. Whether you are handling a single outlet or a chain of restaurants, you have to keep a track of the expenditure and resources. Inventory theft is the most common as employees can easily steal any item which could further affect your business.

But yes, there is a solution. Keeping a track of inventory becomes vital for the owners to keep up with the profits. Therefore, investing in an inventory management tool becomes important and allows you to prevent fraud. jiMenu offers the most advanced POS system for a restaurant that can even be customized as per your needs.

2. Ensure to install security cameras

Keeping a check on your employees is a must and helps to prevent employee theft. Security cameras must be installed in the restaurant so that even there a theft, the owner has a complete recording that can be used as evidence. It allows the owner to identify and catch up with the culprit.

3. Address issues head-on

Being a boss, it is your responsibility to keep your employees happy and motivated. Working at a restaurant may be stressful at times. So if you notice any of your staff members you must find out the issues, talk to them and keep them motivated. Have an open discussion with your employees and try motivating them. Employees are an asset to any organization, so you must have healthy and respectful communication with them.

4. Integrate POS for Account Handling

It is time to integrate POS for your restaurant as it gives you a clear picture of all the payments done along with a receipt. It also allows you to keep your customer details safe and fool-proof. POS system helps to show your cash in and out, tracking of inventory, managing employees, and a lot more to reduce your burden.

5. Background check is always a must

Whether working in a restaurant, organization, or other places, a background check must be carried. It allows the owners to identify their previous jobs, the reason for quitting, the last salary withdrawn, and more. This is one of the most efficient tools that help to know the application's credibility before you hire them.

Final Words

These are some of the tips that can save your restaurant from unwanted thefts, but only if you are backed with a robust POS Restaurant Management system. So, are you ready to invest in a modern restaurant management tool? Contact us to know more about our solutions!