Technology and promotions are being drastically used in restaurant businesses and have become a necessity today.

Restaurants, nowadays, have been flexible in accepting the latest technology with changing times that have earned and retained maximum customers. Technology, thus, has big hopes and high customer expectations from systematic online food delivery to that of dining in a well-equipped and automated restaurant. 

As the year 2020 is coming to an end, technology and automation are continuing to stimulate the restaurant business industry. Overall, the digitization and restaurants' high-tech services are setting new standards and one of them is the electronic or digital menu. Restaurants are now investing in the digital menus that give them an edge to excellently come over the customers' expectations. 

In this blog, we are going to discuss the major 2020 trends of digital menus that will shape your dining experience... 

How Digital Menus Are Reducing The Spread Of COVID-19?

COVID-19 has left nothing like before, and so your dining-out days. But, there is good news for all the foodies and people around that eating out can be completely safe with contactless dining, digital menus, and online payments. With end-to-end contactless dining, people can now enjoy their dine-out with complete hygiene and zero chances of spread of the virus. 

Restaurateurs, by integrating the online digital menus are addressing their customers with the utmost services to crave their favorite dishes. While orders will come back quickly as millions of people are craving for their favorite meals and couldn't wait for the great pandemic COVID-19 lockdown to end. So, it’s also important to make the vital changes to rebuild consumer trust and confidence by quickly developing the restaurant’s access to using digital menus as a source to execute contactless dining. 

By the use of a digital menu, customers will prevent touching the paper menu and customers can pay the bills online by limiting the use of currencies or debit/credit cards. 

Digital Menu: Customer Entertainment!

Games and entertaining videos won't make your customers bored while they wait for their orders as digital menus usually come with such entertaining stuff. These will come in handy and much convenient for customers who have children particularly. No doubt, that it's always good to look forward to something funny and entertaining while you’re waiting for your order.

Also, your complete family can participate in as well, however, it depends on which game it is that you wish to play. This could be the only factor that you will earn more revenue by appealing more customers to step into your restaurant. What could be better? Just think, won't it be exciting when more people will come to our restaurant, love your food and safety service, plus promote your restaurant further? 

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Top 5 Emerging 2020 Trends Of Digital Menu

1. Virtual Assistance/Voice Technology 

Yeah, now making your food orders is a piece of cake. The world, where everyone searches for everything with "OK Google", there, the digital menu system has come up with its voice technology. Restaurants have allowed voice-activated ordering for a seamless experience to their customers.

Digital menus integrated with voice technology gives easy menu navigation to customers for ordering their meals and doing voice commands. 2020 has brought this promising technology with digital menus to influence the restaurant industry's future. 

2. Handheld Order Taking 

The trend of the digital menu reduces the table turnaround time. Understanding the significant role of handheld devices for taking orders, more restaurants are not using the conventional pen and paper-based order taking methods and this indicates that such methods will soon fade away.

Devices such as mobile billing apps and tablets are known as handheld, and they save a meaningful time on every order. The orders directly reflect in the POS systems that are taken by the servers. Also, the hand-held device systems are well-equipped and integrated with the entire restaurant management system, thus, servers can also access the overall order history of particular customers. 

3. Chatbots To Serve You

Unlike conventional customers' dine-in experiences, ordering on digital platforms limits the physical touch which is good in the times of COVID-19. But, somewhere it lacks the personal touch too, so to give a personalized customer experience while placing their orders on digital platforms, interactive chatbot/virtual assistants have come in the books of 2020 trends.

Many popular restaurant chains have already launched chatbots that are changing the game and standing out as an effective means for retaining the customers. They are designed and programmed to bring out jobs like processing orders, answering FAQs, pointing customers to payment getaways or websites, and transmitting targeted promotional/advertising messages. 

4. Tabletop Ordering System

To bring the ease of scrolling through and navigating the complete menu digitally and give orders, ordering systems are here for the diners. It limits the servers to the need to manually take orders from every table. Digital menus directly transfer the placed orders to the kitchens.

Also, some systems are further integrated with entertaining features as mentioned before like games and videos to engage customers while waiting for their orders. Ordering systems reduce the table turnaround time, ensure better customer service, and attend more guests at a time.

5. (KDS) Kitchen Display Systems

With the huge contribution to advancing consistency and efficiency in the restaurant industry, kitchen display systems have gained immense popularity. This technology integrated with the digital menu boards allows adequate collaboration and effective flow of communication within the entire restaurant’s staff.

All the online and dine-in orders placed from the mobile app/website are directly driven to the kitchen staff into the restaurant management system. The contemporary POS system terminals are well-equipped and integrated with such Kitchen Display Systems and so, it ensures the consistent levels of food preparation and kitchen inventory continue to constant across the complete restaurant chain. 

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