Are you running a Restaurant? How do you manage the advertisement of your services? Do you still rely on offline and traditional advertising methods? If yes, then your business will soon lag behind. These days customers often spend time on the internet using search engines, social media, reading customer views, etc. In such a case it is good to depend on online marketing to grow your business and brand name.

Not only the online ad gives you the freedom to target the desired and potential audience, but also helps in tracking the ad performance and in monitoring the conversion rate.

Online Platform to Run Restaurant Ads

Run Ads on Google: The most highlighted google searches, Restaurant has made it essential to post maximum ads on the internet. This will enhance your online presence and boost your business growth.

Google is the most common platform to increase your sales. It provides various ways to promote your restaurant business like Google Ads, Google My Business, and organic searches. But for running and creating Google ads it is essential to have a website or brand pages where people would be directed on clicking on the ad.

Different Campaigns for Google Ad

  • Search Campaign: For the search campaign, you can make use of certain keywords that best describe your restaurant like a Chinese restaurant, best restaurant, etc. When the customer makes searches similar to this he or she would find on the search engine. But to make your visibility better it is good to ensure good ranking or organic reach of the website on Google pages. This will increase the chance of getting more clicks and hence orders.
  • Display Campaign: You can influence more customers by targeting them with visual display. Add pictures and images, that arrest the customers’ attention and compel them to use your services.
  • Apps: Getting an app for your restaurant is another effective way of targeted potential customers. If having an app go to the Universal app campaign. This will help in promoting your app on Google Search Console, Google Play Store, YouTube, and other partner website.

Run Ads on Facebook

Social media, the power of social media like Facebook is known to all of us. If you are running a restaurant, then why not utilize an effective platform to connect to your customers in an efficient manner. With over billions of users on the social media platform, it would help you in gaining more attention and increased chances of more sales.

Make the right use of content and photos as well as videos to engage more customers. This is one of the best ways to promote your services. When posting customer-oriented content on the page makes the efficient use of # to make optimize it in a better way. You can advertise your top menus, discounts and offers using the platform.

Things to require for creating flawless Facebook ads:

  • Business goals: For successful advertisement on the social page it is essential to be specific with your business goals. It is good to be aware of why are you posting the content and image. This will help you in displaying the right information to the users.
  • Target audience: Be aware of the audience to whom you want to target. Defined customer base help in showcasing the perfect information.
  • Budget: Everything revolves around the budget. Count the money that you are willing to spend on Facebook to run your restaurant ads.
  • Photos and videos: Make more and more postings using images and videos to allure your customers with visual display.

Run Ads on YouTube: YouTube another excellent way of reaching out to your customers. Upload as many videos of your restaurant to display the infrastructure, management, daily operations, etc. The platform gives you a better insight into the people who are looking forward to arranging an event in the place like yours.

Different Ad Format for YouTube

  • In-stream ad: The in-stream ad is the one that is played before or in between a YouTube video. You need to pay when the user views the ad for more than 30 seconds.
  • Discovery ad or in-display ads: Such ads are shown immediately after the related YouTube videos The thumbnail of the ad are shown next to a video which invites people to click on it. The charges are applicable only if the person decides to watch the ad or click on it.
  • Bumper ads: The ad of six-second duration. You have to make a payment each time your ad is displayed for 1000 times.
  • Sponsored cards: It display content that is relevant according to your video.

Before starting advertising on the YouTube page, pick the topic and audience you want to target. This will display your ads only to those who make similar searches like yours.


To lead your business, it becomes essential to look ahead of traditional advertising. After starting online marketing put essential and strategic efforts to improve the way that can enhance your presence.

You can promote your brand more by implementing the right software and showcasing it in the ads you posted. Get the best POS software and perform a great job in improving your overall business.