The restaurant industry has seen a huge transformation in recent years that allows them to meet the changing needs of customers. To run day-to-day operations and manage your guests in a restaurant is crucial for a seamless process. As there is a growing trend of dining out, the restaurants are primarily shifting to online reservations for the customers rather than directly walking in.

As per a report over 50% of people prefer to book their table prior. They don’t prefer to stand in long queues to wait for their turn to come; therefore to have guaranteed tables they book their slots before visiting.

Maybe it’s time for the restaurants to adapt automation and let the customer's book before they visit. Find out how Smart POS System for Your Restaurant can help turbocharge your table booking and boost the efficiency of your restaurant.

Time to switch to Online Reservation System 

Technology has simplified the process of reservations were made. No longer have the customers had to call the restaurants and wait for their turns to get their tables booked. Thanks to the POS system for restaurant management that makes it easier to reserve the tickets. It also simplifies other operations that are required to manage a restaurant efficiently.

All the restaurants are integrating Point of sales that helps to streamline the reservations. These are powerful tools that help restaurants to prevent overbooking, manage waitlist, and manage the capacity of the restaurant, and more. Therefore, integrating such tools proves to be a win-win situation for both the restaurant and the customers who visit.


Improving Your Restaurant Reservations Management

1. Delegate Duties to Employees

For restaurants with a customer rush, there are chances of double bookings by the customer. This creates chaos therefore it becomes vital to assign responsibilities to employees during their working shift. This helps the restaurant to keep a check on all the bookings made and monitor the tables scheduled.

Using an online system to manage such requests helps the restaurants to control reservations and streamline operations.

2. Notify Customers of Upcoming Reservations 

A simple reminder to the customers or a call works well. The reservation systems have in-built capabilities that send automated emails and notifications to the diners for the upcoming reservations. Also, the users should not be able to book the services too far in advance. This is because more is the gap between the dining day and reservation more are the chances that customers will forget the about the reservation.

3. Levy charge to reduce no-show 

This is one of the most effective techniques restaurants can implement to reduce no-shows in their restaurants. Booking charges can be implemented by the restaurants that can be deducted by the total bill restaurant has made.

This way the people stay encouraged to visit the restaurant as the amount paid reminds them about the reservation. The fear of losing money ensures that the diner shows up!

4. Manage Waitlist in Real-Time 

To optimize reservation management, it is most crucial to use a waitlist. It offers real-time solutions to the customers and notifies them about the real-time updates, their turn, waiting before arriving at the particular restaurant.

5. Integrating POS System 

Integrating a POS system offers the restaurants with the up-to-date amount and data the restaurant has made to date. The data can be used efficiently and help you decide whether you should take more reservations in the future or not!


Why Your Restaurant Should Use A Reservation System?

Reservation management is the most efficient solution that allows restaurants to effectively manage walk-ins and reservations. Not only it offers a seamless customer experience to the users but also keeps boosting their revenues.

jiMenu offers restaurant management solutions that allow the users to check out the vacant tables. It also allows them to make payments contactless, and much more so that your diners surely give you the best ratings.