Restaurants are the heart of different communities. Whether it is a family dinner, date night, team gatherings, a restaurant is the place where people gather for their celebrations. Due to the pandemic, the hospitality industry saw a drastic change in consumer behavior. The dine-ins got closed and that impacted 97% of the restaurants

As the pandemic presents unique challenges, to cope up with its effect, the restaurants began to strategize new techniques and ways to serve the different communities in a better way. This proved to be a high time for the restaurants to leverage technology and sustain in such an environment and grow their business.

The Pandemic’s Impact on the Restaurants

Casual-dining and fine-dining restaurants have seen their revenues decline by as much as 85 percent and making the fine-dining establishment revenues fall to zero. The restaurant sale and performance got highly impacted during the crisis that was dependent on the following factors such as:

  • The restaurants with high online sales are still better than the restaurants with dine-in sales only.

  • As more people are working from home the day-to-day work of the restaurant gets affected.


Rules that help Restaurants Owners to be Successful

1. Accepting orders Online

We are very clear that now the businesses have realized the importance of having a digital presence of their business. The businesses with online delivery for food are now more successful than the restaurants that only offer dine-in. Customers can easily order their favorite food using the aggregator applications such as Swiggy and Zomato. This is an awesome opportunity for the restaurants to serve their customers directly and providing with feedback at the end.

Even during this harsh situation, these apps have proved to be a miracle to deliver food to the customers in a dedicated time and place. 

Do you wonder how restaurants dealing with the payment challenges and the menus? Well continue reading the blog and know how the restaurants started to adopt contactless dining!

2. Building Trust via Contactless Dining 

Contactless dining became the need of the hour and is a buzzword in the hospitality industry. But what does that mean? Reducing human contact becomes vital in the time of the pandemic. One of the most important ways is to adopt QR code-based solution for the payment and menu options. Simply scan the QR code that is very easy to understand and adopt. 

A QR code placed on the restaurant table helps the customers view the menu quickly and hassle-free. Digitized menus from jiMenu is an ideal solution that helps to reduce human contact which is a must during the time of the pandemic!

3. Using Social Media to stay connected

Social media is the ultimate platform that helps to create a strong bond with the customers. Social media can be utilized in the following ways:

  • Post pictures of your favorite dishes while highlighting the safety measures our chefs take during the making.

  • Share Discount offers for loyal customers.

  • It helps to target the right audience.

  • Online food ordering option that directly redirects to the app/website.

4. Reassuring strict and safe sanitation measures

It has become vital to reassure your customers that you are taking the necessary safety measures and other important steps to tackle the current scenario. Safety in the pandemic is the key, and it minimizes the risk of customers and employees getting infected.


You’re Ready To Go!

In such a challenging scenario, these are the major factors that need to be taken care of to be successful in the new post-COVID-19 economy. This is time to transform your restaurant with technology and offer customers a contactless dining experience.

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