Out of the most trending sectors, digital menu boards gained a huge attention and went mainstream just a short time ago. From minimizing costs to a sky-rocketing customer base, it made a surprising identity and offered its customers with huge profits and a handful of sales. If you plan and design your digital menu perfectly and with a good strategic planning, its a certain sign of success blooming ahead. But if you are new in the market and unaware of the strategies to be adopted, it might fallback with huge losses.

Keep in mind before you enter the market, the strategies to be focused on:

Well-defined structure

Structure your menu in rows and columns order, which would help in differentiating the food items according to the category they fall under. It becomes easy and simple for the customers to look up for their favorite dishes. Hence, give a simplified structure to your menu.

Maintain symmetry

Plan a menu which has a proper balance between the images and the text added in the menu i.e. adding food images totally on one side and giving the list of food items in a boring text in the other corner would obviously attract the customers on the colored side. This would ignore your food item list, thereby diverting customer’s interest. So, maintain a proper balance on a screen to attract the customer to your menu.

Text Hierarchy

The appearance of the text used in your menu is the most important aspect to gain customer attention. Size, font, color, the spacing of the text needs to be managed on a serious aspect. Make the headings in a big size with upper case, sub-headings can be written in a bit smaller size than the heading either in upper or lower case. The menu items further should be written in smallest size with a lower case.


Just don't simply copy images from the internet and upload to your menu. Try looking for some unique HD images and do use your restaurant’s logo to make an identity in the food market. Afterall uniqueness is necessary to attract customers towards you. Moreover, don’t make a congested menu where a long list is displayed without a break. Do give spaces in between or use images.


Make your menu attractive to look at, not a stale boring one. Add some interesting food facts, your special dish of the day, or Sunday specials, funny facts, or any fun trivia or local events in between to preoccupy your customers.


Once you have roughly planned your menu with a complete and finalized food items, do look for a perfect layout for the menu. Depending on the arrangement, choose which suits it better, landscape format or the portrait one.

These are the basic and the most important strategies to be kept in mind once you make a step forward in the food market. Grooming your restaurant is in your own hands, manage it well.