As per research, millennials contribute to one-third of the average restaurant’s revenue. This generation mostly tends to eat outside while experimenting with their food as compared to the older generations.

It is very tough to impress millennials, especially if it about a particular restaurant or food. You never know what they are looking for, their choices and how to create something for them that mesmerizes their senses. They believe that restaurants should be updated with the latest tools and technologies so that they are offered their meals in a hassle-free manner. This means that the use of technology has altered the experiences and all those restaurants using advanced technology win the competition with ease.

Why should you care for millennials?

Restaurants all across the globe have been approaching the millennial market so that they can have all the relevant information to boost their sales. As they have more experience and a habit of dining out, it's crucial to focus on them so that you can come up with a loyal customer base.

Apart from eating out, most of the restaurants do share a positive experience about their liking and disliking of a particular place. This gives the restaurants a fair chance to make the necessary changes and fulfill all the expectations of their customers.

How Technology Helps Restaurants to Retain Millennials

1. Offering them Digitized Menu

70% of restaurant guests are looking for healthy restaurant menu options. With the augmentation of technology where everything is getting digitized, why not the restaurant menus. The pandemic has replaced traditional hard copies of restaurant menus with digital ones.

It allows the restaurants to have broad access, unlimited reach, and customization of menus anytime which otherwise was not possible with the hard copies. Restaurants can now tweak the prices, offer discounts and easy promotion that offers a great way for them to stay ahead of their competitors.

2. Social Engagement

Businesses now realize the value social media bring to their businesses. More than 90% of the businesses are now using social media for marketing- and this is surely for good reason. Millennials spend around 4-5 hours checking their social media and their feeds continuously. So if a restaurant does not have a social media presence they are missing a big thing.

3. Order Customization and Fresh Food

Millennials love customized food and the digitized menu allows the food to be customized as per the needs of the customer. jiMenu is one of the most interactive digital menu apps that allow customers to make customizations to their food options.

4. Introduce Loyalty Programs

Customer loyalty makes an enormous difference. As per research loyalty programs increase customer retention by 95%. When you offer them rewards and loyalty points there is a significant increase in sales.

One of the examples of a topmost brand is Starbucks Coffee offered loyalty programs for their customers that accounted for a rise of 40% in sales. Loyalty programs also encourage customers to keep coming and purchase more.

5. Make an Authentic approach

An authentic approach means your brand must have online credibility so that you can maintain transparency with your customers. There should be a seamless flow of communication. It's not only about maintaining the brand reputation but also getting connected with real people and know their pain points.

The Power Of Technology for Digitized Menu

Leverage the power of technology and maximize your revenue with digital menus. A great meal always starts with great menus. Offer your customers the menu with striking visuals and yummy descriptions making them easier for them to decide what they are hungry for.

jiMenu is one of the most interactive digital menu apps that offer interactive digital menus making your customers navigate their food and order what they desire!