The environmental hazards are increasing and owing to the increased risk every individual should try to build a safer environment. Hence, there is an improved trend for an eco-friendly restaurant to make the earth a better planet to live on and for the future generation. Businesses and customers both form an important part of the change. Nowadays, diners at the restaurant show commitment to the environment and also prefers going to restaurants that follows the same.

According to a study by Tastewise, 23% of Americans make a food and beverage decision based on the sustainability consideration.

Moving your day-to-day operations following sustainable practices not only reduces food wastage but also helps to save your money. Does your restaurant score a ten when it comes to sustainability of the restaurant? Having a sustainable restaurant is good for the environment and also helps to save money.

What is an eco-friendly restaurant?

As per market research 2/3rd of the restaurant, customers are willing to spend more and visit the place if businesses are using environment-friendly practices. These kinds of practices are in high demand, especially after the pandemic. Therefore, the demand of green technology is in huge demand.

There are several reasons such as a large pool of customers, resolved environmental issues, you can reduce the carbon footprint that is produced by restaurants, and conserve resources helping to save money.

Here are the ways to run a successful eco-friendly restaurant?

1. Reduce and Manage Food Waste

Wastage of food is one of the most significant and crucial issues. As per research from restaurant hospitality, the United States alone wastes 63 million tons of food every year. What if this food was consumed by the needy?

As per research from Green Restaurant Association, on average, the restaurant wastes around 25,000 and 35,000 pounds of food every year. In creating an eco-friendly restaurant, this is the first step that needs to be taken care of to reduce and manage food wastage.

This could be achieved with:

  • Digital Management Inventory Tool
    In the technologically rich era, the digital inventory management tool helps to keep a track of the food stock with no food wastage. The Restaurant ERP solutions help to simplify the management of inventory while also notifies when the inventory is about to expire. These tools also offer you a real-time look at the list that you don’t get over orders.
  • Give away the surplus food
    Every restaurant should take necessary steps to protect the environment and contributes to donating food as it is one of the excellent ideas that reduce the wastage of food and someone needed to get it. Also, your restaurant gains a positive reputation enabling customers to visit more. So why not enjoy the limelight.

2. Have a Digitized Menu

The paperless menu is the new eco-trend in the restaurant, and we have got to adapt ourselves with the COVID-19. It ensures customer safety and also helps the restaurants to save on the printing cost. This offers a contactless business experience and to remain competitive in the restaurant sector needs almost constant creativity.

Building a QR menu for the restaurant the most eco-friendly solution that saves paper and helps the environment. What all your customers need to do is scan the printed QR code and browse all the dishes and place an order. It will also make it possible for your restaurant to be environmentally conscious by going paperless.

3. Use sustainable and environment-friendly decor

These sustainability trends support and ensure environment-friendly decor in both interior and outdoor. Plantation, local furniture, and more are a few of the ideas that help them set up a sustainable and eco-friendly restaurant. If you have ample space, the first and foremost eco-friendly decoration idea is to plant a garden just outside your eatery.

Go eco-friendly with us!

Are you thinking about an eco-friendly digital menu for your sustainable restaurant? It's time to move towards more sustainable restaurant practices and show your customers that you care about the environment to eco-friendly menus. Besides these, there are other ways too which you can take up and become an environmentally friendly restaurant.

Want to offer your customers an eco-friendly and easy platform that offers a complete digital menu along with other advanced features? Enhance your restaurant experience with our digitized solutions!