Do you run a restaurant? You might be aware then how difficult it is to run such a business. Always coming up with new ideas, maintaining the good taste, staff, accounts, and daily chores are hectic. Whether you operate a traditional fast food restaurant, a sit-down restaurant you must be aware of the changing trends. As more of the families tend to eat out, this has become a top choice for them, especially on the weekends to dine out. It may be easy to convince the parents and attract their attention, but the most difficult task here is to retain the attention of kids.

Imagine amid the dining, there is an unhappy kid throwing waffles all around, screaming while parents losing their patience. No one in this situation can have fun, that is the main problem here. But, does this problem have a solution?

Of course, what about a digital solution that manages all the operations of your restaurants? Restaurant POS System has got you covered. Here’s how!

Here are the ideas to create Kid-Friendly Restaurant 

It's important to optimize your restaurant for both kids and parents incorporating the following considerations: 

1. Offer them a fun customized menu

Kids are adventurous. What appeals to them the most is the presentation of a dish in a customized way. Just by showing them the customized menu with high-quality images of dishes, they decide what they want to have. Parents of course want their children to eat healthy whereas kids judge the food items based on the looks.

So, it becomes crucial to appreciate the creativity jiMenu offers by providing the menu in an enhanced and customized way. Here all the food items are displayed in the categories with high-quality images that appeal to the children!

2. Take-out options

During family dinners, customers are often in a hurry. It’s not necessary that with their kids they will finish their entire meal sitting at the restaurant. Therefore, offering appropriate take-off containers works well here. Also, the restaurants should not make the food look squashy as children won’t like this. Keeping the sauces and dressing all in separate containers make the dish look clean and easy for the customers to take-away.

Also, don’t forget to include separate dessert containers and cups for the kids as they love ice-creams, and it is a must to satisfy their sweet tooth.

3. Smart Activities

For a kid-friendly restaurant turning their boredom into fun activities helps both the children and parents to enjoy their meals. So offering coloring pages, crayons, tabletop toys, and other small activities helps them keep occupied while they wait for their meals.

4. Kid-sized serving

It is so difficult for the children to reach the tabletop, lift heavy glasses and dishes as well. For a kid-friendly restaurant, you must be able to accommodate their size and coordination. Offering them a meal in small portions, kid-sized cups and straws, spoons, and a fork with a short handle helps to control the meal portion. 

5. Offer them Comfort

Don’t ever compromise with the comfort of parents and children. Ensure that there is a space for a baby carrier between the table and chair to allow the parents and child to sit comfortably so that they can enjoy their meals. The more comfortable the parents, the more are their kids relaxed and this overall brings them a positive experience. 

Get the best Restaurant POS System

If you are planning to take up the plan of a kid-friendly restaurant there must be advanced planning and digitization of the menu. It allows you to cater to the need of your customers. jiMenu is one of the trending and advanced POS systems that uniquely serves all your customers while offering them a customized menu.

Let kids visualize the menu with our solutions and make them feel special!