Every business is developing an online presence, whether it is a restaurant, hospital, or educational institution. From payments to experience, customers expect a seamless and digital presence with unique features that your competitors don't possess. When it comes to cafés and restaurants, customer satisfaction is the primary goal. And a good customer experience increases the impression of the restaurant.

Contactless dining has become vital and accelerated due to the pandemic outbreak. It is considered a new normal. Restaurants are trying hard to seek new ways and advancements.

Using a disposable menu also became a concern for the restaurants as they are not cost-effective. That is why restaurants adopted a solution that is QR code. It allows restaurants to convert their menu into QR codes, which could be scanned by the customers to ensure contactless delivery.

Why Restaurants should use QR Code

Placing a simple barcode on the table can simplify the menu and payment options. Digitally browsing the menu and ordering gives waiters a chance to serve the customers even better reducing the human touch. Reduced manpower leads to improved revenue. QR codes are easy to create and use very little space. 

Here are a few benefits of using a QR code in the restaurant:

1. You can link it to any Content

From the website URL to the menu, you can display any and unlimited content in the PDF. This could be your discount coupons, restaurant specialty, or popular dishes you offer.

2. Update the information anytime

The paper menus are really difficult to update. But when it comes to the digital one's changes could be made easily while updating the information on the webpage. The code remains the same, therefore you would not be wasting money on reprinting.

3. QR codes could not be damaged

Mostly seen that the menus present in the restaurant are torn and damaged by the customers. But QR codes are 30% damage resistant and could be scanned even if you get slightly turned.

4. Customize QR codes for customer attention

A black and white QR code may be boring to the customers. But the customized and colorful codes bring more attention from the customer making it a point of interest for the guests.

What all things restaurants are doing to maximize profits

The competition is increasing, and it is becoming a lot difficult to survive in the competitive market. Restaurants are trying hard to sustain themselves while maximizing their incomes. Here are a few important ideas restaurants are adopting for their survival:

1. Contactless Menus and Dining Experience

Restaurants have started to place a QR code on the tables. It can be scanned by the customer and the dining experience is made without any human contact. While the bills are also being paid online which keeps both the customers and staff safe. Customers are enjoying these personalized experiences and waiters can attend to an increased number of tables.

Also, there is a decrease in manpower, which automatically leads to an increase in revenue.

2. Cutting Middle-Men Costs

Restaurants are creating groups on different social media platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp to directly place their orders without the involvement of any middlemen. Many applications give links to the restaurant menus and allow the customers to make orders via social media. 

This keeps the customer safe and saves the commission the restaurant pays to the middlemen.

3. Virtual Menu powered by QR codes

The virtual menu gives the customers benefit from shopping while they commute. Most of the restaurants to avoid hassle have adopted the virtual menu with a QR code. It allows the customers to stop, scan, and shop while they are on their way or back home.

Further, using a credible top Restaurant POS Software allow the owners to display their menu with images that could be accessed by their mobile phones.

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It's time to welcome your customers back to the restaurants with a contactless dining experience. Technology has moved away ahead of and can handle even the worst situations like COVID-19. With the QR codes and other digital methods.

It doesn't provide only the benefits listed above but also gives customer satisfaction and a personalized experience to the customer. Thus, it becomes vital to choose a reliable QR Code Scanning software providing accurate scanning results. Generate a visually appealing QR Code with jiMenu to engage guests better!