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Frequently Asked Question

jiMenu is a touch-screen digital menu system and POS system. It displays digital menus with pictures and full descriptions. It handles the whole ordering process and also, integrates with your present POS framework. 

Our transparent pricing features required for a food business, and self-management portal makes it different from other POS systems. Moreover, JiMenu is easy to use and scale as your business grows.

Yes, you can use jiMenu even if you are running multiple outlets. You can share the same menu, you only need to add the new location to your jiMenu POS account. 

JiMenuPOS is a Point of Sales solution that is designed for food businesses and outlets of any type. It includes dine-in restaurants, cafes, bakeries, food trucks, cloud kitchens, or any other type of outlet.

Yes, you can use franchised outlets with jiMenuPOS. Also, you can get the whole analytics report on how each franchise is performing.

jiMenu lets you check the vacant tables for the customers, make orders, take orders, and do easy payments via multiple payment methods using jiMenu POS.

Whether it is before or after development we provide instant 24*7 support to our customers. Our team tries to fix clients’ issues as fast as possible.

Yes, your data is secure with jiMenuPOS systems. JiMenuPOS systems have automatic data backups, and data encryption to protect sensitive customer and organizational data.

JiMenu is a complete digital menu system and POS system that works efficiently online and offline as well as in hybrid mode. To know more contact us.

You can choose the right POS software by following the steps below:

  • Define your needs
  • Consider your budget
  • Research the types of POS systems
  • Compare features and pricing
  • Read the reviews
  • Get the demo

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