Today, the world needs safety and awareness. By following some set of rules, we can defeat the virus and together build a better world! Our life has not stopped, all we need now is to take some precautions! And if we do so, we can continue our normal lifestyle as we were living before.

That's why jiMenu has come up with its QR Code Feature to reduce the spread of the virus by limiting your contact with Paper Menus. The pandemic COVID-19 has made all of us walk and step very carefully and take safety as a priority!

Well, the research from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention confirmed that the virus stays and remains active on the plastic and stainless steel surfaces for up to 3 days and 24 hours on that of cardboard or paper. 

And so, we all are asked not to touch anything outdoors until it's disinfected or sanitized. 

What if the restaurants have digital menus and customers do not hesitate to use the Digital Menus? Well, thanks to jiMenu because it is now possible to use digital menus instead of paper menus.  

These Digital Menus allow customers to view the menu items on their electronic devices such as mobile phones, tablets, etc. As printed menus are not a good option these days, and we might get infected by the virus. 

Thus, these Digital Menus with QR codes can be the best alternative, and it's a viable option during the period of Coronavirus. 

So, in this blog, you will get to know, how jiMenu with QR codes are making it possible for the customers to enjoy their restaurant dine without any limitations caused by the virus. 

So, let's start.

Why is the QR Code Accessed Menu Essential?

QR (Quick Response) codes have become very popular since digitalization has taken over in the past few years of consumer advertising. 
These QR codes accessed menus are essential to be installed in the restaurants because QR codes are a convenient method to quickly access information & customers can quickly scan the barcode without touching the paper menu.
Also, QR codes have grown popular these days as they can scan more data and information than bar codes. 
In addition, almost everyone has a smartphone these days that makes the QR codes even more accessible. Plus, it also eliminates the use of credit/debit/cash payments which is even safer enough in the era of COVID-19. 
It's essential to know how these QR code menus work. 
People have to open their phone camera, scan the QR code, tap the link that takes the customer to the restaurant menu cards, and that's it. 
The same they can do to pay the bills, and that's how the QR codes linked restaurant menus are coming-up popular these days to ensure the complete safety against the COVID-19. 

Benefits Of jiMenu With QR Code Access 

Well, there are several benefits that you can leverage from the dynamic jiMenu accessing QR codes, and some of them are listed below: 

  1. Experience The Virtual Tour Of Kitchen For Safety Assurance
    To ensure complete and standard hygiene, QR codes on scanning allow customers to take a virtual tour of the restaurant kitchen. While waiting for your favorite dish to be served on your table, you can witness the chef preparing your food to get more excited about the food and assurance of good hygiene.
  2. Allow Mobile Ordering
    In this period of Corona, it's completely restricted to touch anything outdoors when it comes to our safety.
    Thus, QR code scanning and accessing the menu cards also allow customers to order their food from their smartphones or tablets.
  3. Irrespective Of Contact Interaction
    QR Codes are great to reduce the spread of COVID-19! It makes your everyday objects accessible without touching them. Just scan and get whatever you want on your mobile phones or tablets. Similarly, with your favorite restaurant menu book or card, scan and get the menu accessed on your electronic device without coming in contact with the paper menus. 
  4. Give Contactless Information
    For a good reason, QR codes must be installed in restaurants and at every public place where contact interaction is possible. The QR codes provide contactless information to the customers. Since resources from which you get information such as brochures, flyers, menus, etc. are rarely cleaned and sanitized that's why the QR codes are the better option considering the COVID-19 factors. 
  5. Creates More Social Distancing
    This is another advantage of QR codes linked menu cards that restaurant staff spends more time serving the food items and less time explaining the dishes to the customers on the table. It also reduces the interaction between the customers and staff that creates social distancing within the restaurant to reduce the chances of the spread of the virus. 


To sum up, technology has always options to create safety measures to fight against pandemics like Coronavirus and more such disastrous factors. 
That's how the jiMenu and its integrated QR code feature is serving the people to safely dine at restaurants just like before. 
Also, the above-mentioned benefits and more such perks are there to favor both customers and the restaurants. 
So, if you are also considering maintaining the safety measures and factors that limit the spread of Coronavirus, then install the jiMenu App NOW!!